killjoy fanfiction 1: finding the pieces

Dedicated to
my fellow killjoy adrenaline ninja

Prologue: five years since the supposed death of the killjoys in a shootout at the BLI headquarters. The killjoys were confirmed dead, only one problem, killjoys never die.

Chapter 1: Desert rats

I squinted as my breathing increased, I opened the throttle as my Harley sped through the scorching desert, it's wheels throwing sand everywhere. I was a thousand degrees in my black leather jacket and bandana, not smart in this heat. I increased my speed, looking for any sign of a dwelling for a person out here. Nothing. Five years ago a group of people known as the killjoys fought the corporation know as better living industries, they were confirmed dead but I know that's not true. It's why I'm out here in the California desert in mid summer. Anyone can see the signs, the killjoys are still alive but I'm going to be the one to find them because I'm not doped out on BLI crap.

Oh yeah I'm Lithium, Lithium Lightning. I'm a killjoy well, unofficially I guess. I'm 17 but since I was 12 I've been a killjoy at heart, never satisfied with the crap and drugs BLI tries to feed us I've been living in the real world rather than their drug induced paradise. It's funny, they want us all brainless but they don't seem to check the net, I've posted all over about them and trust me, it's not delicate. I bet, well I hope that my posts are waking people from their drug dreams, it's time to stop living better and start living real.

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