You were just going for a walk one evening, listening to your favorite band "One Direction" as the song you were listening to started going off you heard a noise behind you, (You turned on your flashlight even though you didn't need to becuase the moonlight was really bright tonight). You turned around to see nothing. "Must've been my imagination" you say out loud in a shaky voice. As you turned around you nearly jumped out of your skin by seeing a very attracted boy standing in front of you. (Y/N) that was not your imagination. "W-Who are you and how do you know my name?". My name is Zayn, I'll tell you later. "Wait ZAYN FROM ONE DIRECTION?!" you scream. He covers your mouth "shh yes love". You just stood there with your mouth wide open. "Why are you hear"? you ask still shocked. Umm i just wanted to take a walk." oh ok". "You wanna walk with me?" he asked. "Sure" you said smiling. Ya ll just talked about random things for like 2 hours then he gave you a piece of paper. "Whats this?" you ask curiously. "My number please don't share it!" he said seriously. " I promise". "Good call me tomarrow" He says waving good bye to you. "KK" you say walking off. 

*Next Day*

You wake up to the smell of Coffee. (F/N)! you yelled. WHAT (Y/N)!?. WHEN DID WE GET COFFEE?!, I WENT TO STARBUCKS!. You get up out of bed and run to the kitchen where (F/N) was holding a tray with to cups of "Iced Hazelnut Macchiato". You grab the tray put it on the counter and hug her. "Thanks (F/N)" You're welcome." Well ( Y/N) I have to go". "ok" . When She/ He leaves you remember to call Zayn. You call and he answers. (A/N) Z is for zayn and Y is you. kk) Z: "Hello?" Y: Hey! Z:" Oh hey (Y/N) what's up?" Y: NM wrud?    Z: Same as you Nothhing wanna do something? Y: Sure what do you want to do? *you hear a scream on the other line* Zayn? Z:" I'll pick you up in an hour and what?" he says loudly. Y:"What was that scream?"  Z:  "Oh that was on TV."  Y: " Ohh ok i'll see you in an hour". Z: "OK Bye. Y: Bye.  You hang up and look in your closet to find something to wear. You find a pretty blue dress, and matching shoes. then you just pull your hair into a pony tale. You looked pretty so you tried to be careful so you wouldn't mess anything up. 

1 HR. later**************

You see a black Car pull up into your driveway and see a man walk out with flowers. when he came closer you noticed the big brown eyes it was Zayn. You open the door laughing. " What?" he asks, "Your disguise!" you tell him laughing. " Well would you like to be chased by fans on our date?" He asked smiling then gave me my favourite flowers yellow roses. Date? you ask with a smile on your face. "Well what else could you call it"? he says looking at you smiling. "C'mon lets go!" he tells you pulling your hand. "Where are we going?" you ask impaitently "It's a surprise"." Fine" you said annoyed you hated suprises. What? zayn asks looking at you. "Nothing I just hate surprises", " You won't hate this one though". the rest of the ride is silent. then you pull into a driveway. "Welcome to our flat"! Zayn says happily. "Our" Flat? you ask.  "Yes mine and the rest of the boys". OMG you say mentally slapping yourself. Zayn puts his hand in your's and takes you inside. "Harry, Louis,Liam,Niall Get down here and Come Meet (Y/N)!. He yells, All the boys run down the stairs to meet you. You saw Harry first he walked in front of you winking. Zayn gives him a death stare. he just walks off to get a bannana ( Get it XD) Next you see Liam. " Hello (Y/N)" he says Nicely. Hello Liam you say back he just smiles and sits on the couch. Then Louis steps in front of you Hello (Y/N) you are HOT. You blush and Zayn whispers something in his ear. "well then" louis says in a sassy voice then sits down next to Harry eating a bannana. I looked at Zayn confused he just looks away. Then Niall came down.He looks at me and smiles. " You got a good one Zayn". He looks at me agian and winks. Zayn walked over to a brown leather couch and signaled you to sit next to him. "Then Niall runs in there with his eyes wide Yelling WE'RE OUT!. Out of what? louis asked. Niall Looked at me and licked his lips. Oh No harry screamed Zayn tried to Get You up but it was too late. Niall Ran at You pushed you to the wall looked at you in the eyes and bit your neck. The next thing You knew he was being pushed off of you by zayn. Zayn looked at you crying. Then whisperd something in Louis's ear he nodded and took you to a room then the next thing you know you were out. 

Did you like it? 5 reads and I'll do the next part to the imagine. ;)  ~ AlanaHoran1


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