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What he wants, HE GETS ! ON HOLD


Bea's POV

Hindi ko parin mapigilang mapangiti sa tuwing maaalala ko ang nangyari. Ifind it cute and sweet Art being protective. He's such a jem!

Bumaba na kami ng sasakyan ng sabihin nitong nakarating na kami sa pupuntahan agad ko namang Linibot ang tingin sa lugar , and I can't stop but to be amaze! This place is amazing! There is this bungalow house that looks really pretty! And it's pretty huge to. Maganda ang paligid, there were tress and flower everywhere! This is paradise!

Napatingin ako sa katabi , mukhang pareho din kami ng reaksyon ni nanay, cause she's looking at the place without even blinking!

"uhumm, so how's the place?"

Napatingin ako kay Ken "it's beautiful!!"

"well, I'm so glad you like it! It's my rest house , you know it's my favorite place, and yeah , it's amazing, so shall we go in?" nakangiting saad nito .

Napatango nalang ako at sumunod dito , im starting to love the place!

"what do you think honey?' baling ko sa anak na nasa likuran

"uhm... not bad" . I just didn't help it but to roll my eyes, I know he just said it kasi alam niyang kay Ken ang lugar. Because "Not bad" is not the proper way to describe the place!

And I was stunned when we went inside! The place is really beautiful! I was stunned!

"Ken , it's ..... it's wow" I whispered

Ngumiti naman ito "glad you like it hon"

"I love it!"

"right! I love you too honey" malanding bulong nito sa aking tenga

Parang bigla naman akong nanigas sa kinatatayuan feeling his warm breath in me, god! How could this be happening to me!

"I mean, I love the house Mr. " and I took steps away from him

Narinig ko pa ang pagtawa nito " yeah right , let me show you your room though " as he steps forward going somewhere

Sumunod nalang ako rito. Napatingin ako sa likod kung sumunod din si yaya at Art but no . they were busy watching the aquarium in the living room , it was huge and got lot of different fishes on it , it's beautiful! ...geez I think everything in here Is perfect except ... except Ken ... haha. kidding . ;;;

I went inside the room and was about to say something when I heard the door closes behind me. Agad naman akong napalingon!

"god! You scarred me!"

"Bea, we need to talk " he said calmly ,

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