Adopted by youtubers, Yogscast and Team-Crafted Fan Fiction. *Complete*


Jays POV

as we walked into Toweryogs, i ended the call, i then said "mind if i use one of ye're computers, so i can skype Zoe?" then Sjin and Simon said at the same time "ya, sure" then we all laughed, wait, it just hit me, I AM IN FRECKING TOWERYOGS! WITH MOST OF MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS! "AHH!" i screamed, then everyone just stared at me "Whats wrong, is there a spider? LEWIS THERES A FUCKING SPIDER, HELPPP" simon said hiding behind me, "Theres no spider" i said calmly, "then what?" Sjin said, "i just reilised im in FRECKING TOWERYOGS!!! WITH MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS!!!" i said screaming, "wow you scream a lot, dont you?" Sips said, "Hey, she just like me. Its fun isnt it?" simon said, "So god damn fun, I LOVE DOING IT" i screamed, "I FUCKING LOVE IT" he screamed, me and simon burst into a fit of laughter, untill lewis said, "this is our floor" he said walking of the elevator.

"So whos PC am i useing?" i said staring at Sjin and Simon, "You can use mine" Sjin said walking to his room, i followed, and i he logged on and went on skype, i told him my skype name, and he added me, and i skyped myself since she i could see Zoe was on my laptop, and she answered, "hello?" zoe said, "soup" i said grinning from ear to ear, "i will be back in a minute" i said, and i stood up and walked out of the room, i told simon to go in and sit on the seat, so he did, and he said "hello Zoeeeee" he said, and then me and Alli walked in and stood behind the chair and started pointing at simon, and then Zoe said, "oh. my. fucking. god. is-is it really yo-you?", he grinned and sayed, "am i who?" " are. you. simon? like honeydew?" "uh, no, sorry, this is Paul, or Sjin. YES, ITS SIMON" "AHHHHH, jay i will be there in 5"

A/N sorry for the short chapter, but i had to do stuff, and i will do the rest tommorow, if i can :)

kk guys ty for 22 reads :D

Sarahhhhhh OUT

BroTayto Fist :3

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