Satan's Mark

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An original story by Autumnray.



His hands wrapped around my throat and threatened to cut off my air supply. I knew i had to act fast, so i dove under his arm and cannoned into his chest with all the force i could muster. He didn't stumble, or even move. It was as if i had ran head long into a warm brick wall. His slick black hair was still perfectly in place, and his eyes still gleamed with hunger for my soul. He took my hand, holding it still as i struggled to pull away. "Take my mark," he snarled, the venom in his voice didnt faze my calm exterior. I glanced up at the sky and closed my eyes to pray to my Lord. Father help me, i begged internally. And with my last ounce of courage, I yanked my hand away and stood straight up.

I looked the devil straight in the eye and puffed out the word, "No."