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Chapter 1: Warm and Cozy Denver

So, today was pretty good.

I woke early, took a nice hot bath, did my makeup super pretty, blemish free, incase you were wondering, and ate a nice, well deserved breakfast. I liked how Derek and Kevin Curtis, the school twin hotties checked me out. They came a couple weeks ago here to school so they probably hadn't really noticed me until now. I liked how the teacher's were nicer today and easy. I loved how the rain patted on the roof lightly in the cafeteria. I liked how Cody and me sat close together at lunch, because I've kind of had a crush on him for like forever, since fifth grade to be exact. But that was five years ago and I thought today would be the day my patient waiting had come to an end and it was great. I don't know what to say now though, I'm just speechless. Everything was so perfect. Cody asked me to go to the movies with him tonight, and for once I actually felt like my heart was about to burst onto a million pieces, and that they would land all over my friends and I would die happy. I felt like I could fly. I felt so much joy! I felt like nothing, absolutely nothing could possibly ruin my day today.

Just one thing. Just one thing though.. I didn't expect what came at me earlier this afternoon.

I was ecstatic when the bell rang, declaring that school was over for the weekend. It was early November here in Denver and it was getting pretty chilly. I put on my pale pink cardigan and shut my locker. With a couple of books in my hands, I started down the hallway. I rounded the corner and came face to face with Derek. It was pretty creepy to tell you the truth. He just stared me down so I turned around and just said, "Later Derek" and left the hallway, but when I turned the corner again Kevin was there. So I said, "Oh look! A twin party" and just kept walking, but I could feel there eyes on me. I started to get this eery feeling, so I started walking faster. I don't know why, but for some reason I just lost trust in them which was weird because I didn't even know them and I've never had a conversation with them.

The reason I know who's who is because Derek has blonde hair and brown eyes while Kevin has jet black hair and gray eyes. So it was pretty easy to tell who is who.

I saw the gym and almost ran to one of the double doors when I felt a strong hand on my left arm. I turned around and saw Derek. He looked dangerous but his voice was soft and kind of had a hint of warning in it, he said, "Hey Ever" I gasped and instinctively threw my book at his face and ran to the gym doors and sprinted over towards the back doors, I could here the doors on the gym open and someone start jogging toward, it only made me run faster.

What if I was just exaggerating? What if they just wanted talk to me? I shouldn't have ran. It's just that they seemed so scary to me. Their Feel, their Mood.. their Aura, everything felt off.

I bursted out of the gym and into the cold chill of soft rain and hail. It hurt to go outside, it was just so cold, I could feel the soft hail land in my golden locks as I jumped from the steps and into the small woods behind the school. The wind blew into my pale face and hair as I kept running, burning my face. The wind felt as if it was kicking me in the face. The rain felt like slashes of claws and the hail, hurt the worst. It felt like shards of glass were poking at me. It started to burn and for a moment I felt numb and then I stumbled on a branch and went down small slope that ended in a wide river.

I felt the splash of ice cold water, and instantly fell into a type of shock mode for a few seconds. I was completely still listening for any noise, that's when I heard it. The splash of feet hitting the water and that was my cue. I got up as fast I could and felt clumsy as I did so and saw Kevin about twenty feet away.

We stared at each other intently for what seemed like hours but was probably merely seconds. He cocked his head a little to the left he smiled. Then I saw Derek jump out onto a rock a few feet away from Kevin, giving me a creepy grin. Kevin hadn't noticed him but when I kept looking at Derek for a while, he turned around and that's when I started for the other side of the river.