on the right is Taylor ( Andy six)


Trough Maya's eyes she could see everything. But the things she saw were blurry. Even the  one person that meant the most to her. Maya didn't need to see him to know he was there with her. She was on her way to the eye doctor with her mom. Maya knew she needed glasses but she  was too afraid the she would get teased. She wasn't sure if she would look good in them. Taylor, the one person that meant the most to her, wore glasses. She would always try them on. Taylor always told her that  she looked perfect in glasses. In his eyes Maya looked perfect in everything.

 When Maya got to the doctors her mom told her to tell the truth. Maya always told the truth. She wanted every one to believe her. Maya got there early. Suddenly she felt her phone go off. She looked at it and it was a txt from Taylor.

 Taylor: where are you????

Maya did not answer back. Finally the doctor called her name.

Meanwhile Taylor was thinking about why Maya didn't txt him back. Taylor was walking to her house to see if she was home. He got as far as the drive way. He could see the lights were off and the ford truck was not in the drive way. He started to walk away when he saw a piece of paper taped to the gate. He walked up to it and started reading.

Dear Taylor, I am going to get my eyes checked. I will be home in about an hour. When I get home we need to talk. I will txt you on my way home. Meantime find something to do with out getting into trouble or hurt. See you soon, Maya

Taylor started thinking about what Maya wanted to talk about. He started walking back to his house.

Maya finally got out of the eye doctors. She picked out really cool glasses. She knew Taylor would like them.

When Maya got into the truck she got out her phone and started txting Taylor.

Maya:Taylor I'm on my way home. Meet me in our tree house.

Taylor: What did you want to talk about?

Maya: us

Taylor: OK

Maya got to the hose and started running to the tree house. Taylor was standing by the ladder waiting for her. Maya ran up to him and gave him a hug. For the longest time they stood there not saying anything. Taylor finally pulled away and said "Maya whats wrong?" Maya finally had the chance to tell Taylor how she really felt. " Nothing's wrong. Have you ever had the feeling that maybe just maybe we might be right for each other?" Taylor looked at her and thought. "Um yeah every time I see you I get that feeling. Why?" Maya gave him another hug but this time she gave him a kiss. Maya had this feeling of love and trust. She could see him and he could see her. It's like they were in each others minds. Maya could see all of Taylor's thoughts. She could feel warmth, like she was wanted. Taylor didn't know what to think. He wanted Maya so much and she was his.

Suddenly Taylor's phone started ringing. He checked the time. He was lait. HIs mom told him to be home before dark. It was almost sun down.  Taylor looked at Maya and said " I have to go. Txt me tonight. I have to tell you something." Maya looked up at Taylor and said " I love you." Then Taylor left without saying anything.

Taylor knew what he was going to tell Maya. He was going to tell her that he was a vampire. He was thinking that she was too.

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chapter 1


Scout Taylor-Comptonas Maya
Andy Sixxas Taylor
Megan Foxas Ashley
Kristan Stwertas Lil-e
Nichole Kidmanas Liza

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