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Convicted Love


Hey guys! So this is where i throw in another curve ball! lol ;)

COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously guys it would mean so much to me! I've moved this to the watty awards and i need so many votes and such to even get nominated. I wouldn't care if i win i just want to get nominated! lol




“What are you thinking?” Josh asked. I shrugged,


“I don’t know. I guess I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.”





Chapter 22:


Paige’s POV:


It was now Monday and I was once again rushing like crazy. Molly just looked at me and sighed loudly. I rolled my eyes,


“It’s not like I want to be late girl!” I said exasperated. I heard a buzz as I was hopping in my pants to get them on. I grabbed my cell and flipped it open,


Hey sweetie! Look I’m texting! Anyways, we’re having a family dinner tonight! Uncle Scott will be there, yay! See you tonight!~ Love Mom.


I felt like a large piece of lead suddenly dropped in my stomach. Shit this is not good. I began to feel panicky and replied with a shaky okay. I instantly called Josh,


“Hello?” I heard a groggy voice,


“Josh! What the hell are we going to do?! Uncle Scot is coming over tonight for a family dinner tonight! Oh my gosh! I can’t do this! He’s going to know as soon as he sees us!” I rushed out, jogging to my car so I wouldn’t be anymore late,



“Whoa! Slow down! It’s going to be okay Paige. Just take a deep breath and relax,” I did as he said while backing out of the driveway, “I promise I will be there with you and I know you can do this.” I felt better but I still felt that small ball of anxiety in my stomach. I let out a large breath,


“You’re right. I’m calm. Thanks Josh, sorry I woke you but you need to get your ass up and go apartment hunting.” He let out a tired laugh and yawned,


“Ya, ya. Whatever. I think I found one just down the road from you though. So you’ll be seeing more of me.” I faked out a groan,


“Awww! That sucks!” I whined, but he knew I was joking. I got off the phone with him once I made it to the parking lot and hurriedly got out and went inside. I spotted Jeff and smiled sheepishly at him.


“How are you always this late and not written up?” He asked in false wonder. I glared playfully at him,


“Oh hush! But I don’t think I can avoid not getting written up this time.” I grimace. Being written up means you have to talk to the Warden aka my Uncle. Jeff waived his hand,

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Jessica Bielas Paige Turner
Jared Padaleckias Nathan Wilson
Justin Hartleyas Josh Turner
Seth Greenas James
Robert Pattinsonas Michael
Alexander Skarsgardas Jack
Xavier Samuelas Max
Simon Woodsas Mark
Daren Kagasoffas Alex and Anthony
Aaron Tveitas Jeff
Robert Downey Uncle Scott/Warden
Simon Bakeras Harry McCoy
Betty Whiteas Betty Chareston
James Whitmoreas Henry Charelston

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