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The Love of a Prince (ON HOLD)

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Edit 23 OCT 2011: I've dedicated my very first chapter to RandomRawr for creating a book cover for me that fit perfectly! Thanks so much! Show your love for RandomRawr!

Hello all! This is my second story that I'm putting up and I'm hoping that it gets some good feedback. I wrote it a long time ago and I haven't ever gone over it with a fine-toothed comb. Sorry if there are mistakes. 

Please comment, vote, and fan if you like it! I have other chapters waiting to be posted!


Everyone secretly believes in their own little fairy tale and wishes that it could, one day, come true. It’s every little girl’s fantasy that she will be swept off her feet by a handsome prince on a white horse. Shamefully, at seventeen, I wasn’t any different. The only thing that would save me from being thought of as childish would be the fact that I lived just on the palace boundary. Every day, I’d stand at the stone wall and gaze up at the castle where King Richard and his son, Prince Rupert, lived. I'd imagine myself as a princess, dressed in the finest gowns, living in the most coveted home of our time. Occasionally, I’d watch as young Prince Rupert trained on the grounds to succeed his father. He was skilled in combat and agility and every woman in the land admired him very much. Of course, with light hair, gorgeous eyes, perfect teeth, and a more-than-toned body, what was not to love? So I spent most of my free time thinking about what could never be until my mother would break me out of my daydream to feed the chickens.

Excuse me. I haven’t properly introduced myself, have I? My name is Celia. Celia Stalworth, to be proper. I’m seventeen years old with long brown hair paired with the deepest blue eyes in all of England. That’s about where the extraordinary stops though. I’m average height, with an average build, with an average education, and an average life. Also, my family is poor.

 I live with my mother, Ophelia, and my father, Gregory, and my younger brother, Mathew, as I’ve said, on the border of the castle grounds. Father works in a grain mill down the road and my mother and I stay home to care for the animals. It’s a dull life, to say the least, and making ends meet is hard. Still, we are quite happy here. That much can be said. At least life is simple. What more can a girl ask for?

 Oh yes… the castle… Well… that large establishment soon began to play a large role in my simple life and here’s how it all began…

One day, after chores, I had climbed up the large oak tree on our land by the castle wall to watch Prince Rupert as he worked with the bow. The target was well below me on the other side of the wall, so it didn’t occur to me that my chosen position posed any danger to me. However, one strong gust of wind proved me wrong. Just as the prince had let an arrow fly, the wind caught it and forced it up, making it hit my tree just feet from my head!

Quite shocked, I didn’t know what to do. I returned to Earth though, with an unpleasant bump as I saw Prince Rupert jogging toward the wall, probably intending to get his arrow. Quickly, I tried to climb down before he could come any closer but my skirt caught on a tree branch and, try as I might to free myself, I was trapped! Dread began to fill me as I sat there, trying desperately to untangle myself, and I could hear the Prince’s footsteps stop at the wall. Maybe it would be too high to climb and he’d just go away. Please go away, I pleaded silently, hoping to God that he’d leave the arrow. No luck.

His head popped over the wall, but he didn’t look surprised to see me sitting there. “Good afternoon, miss. I’ve seemed to have launched my arrow into your tree. Would you mind if I retrieved it?” He was smiling with those perfect teeth and I felt more relaxed. Without saying a word, I reached up, and plucked the arrow from its’ spot. With a trembling hand, I held it out to him and our fingers brushed together as he took it. “Thank-you, Miss… um… Excuse me. I didn’t quite catch your name.”

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