SHE'S All MINE!!! (Book 1 of the werewolf series - Logan and Serenity's story)



     Eighteen years ago to the day. A child was born to Thomas and Michelle James. The proud parents were so happy, that is until they found out the child had a weak heart. How could this be? She was born to two werewolves. In the history of the pack, no wolf had ever been born sick. For you see, all wolves have the power to self heal.

     Extensive research was done. What they manage to find, was devastating to all. For it seems that any undue stress would surely cause this child’s death. It was at that moment Michelle gasped, from the realization that her precious daughter may not live past the age of 18.

     You see every female shift on the first full moon, after their eighteenth birthday. Thomas and Michelle then decided to name their daughter Serenity. Since it seems they would have to do everything in their power, to have their daughter live a tranquil and serene life. This included them leaving the pack and joining the human world.

     They intended on little Serenity living a stress free human life. That is until her 18th birthday. Then and only then, they would return to the pack so Serenity could die among her kind.

     Eighteen years later the raven haired blue eyed beauty would grow up to be so much more than anyone could ever dream.

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