One Direction Preferences

#14-You Text The Wrong Boy xD





You: Hurry home I need my cuddle buddy ! :( xx.

Lou: Aww I'll be there soon ! Xx

You: Sorry Lou that was for Harry tell him for me please ! Thank you:)

Lou: Oh ok :( ill tell him. . . Dx


You: Hey Love ! I made Cupcakes! :D hurry back I miss you! <3 xx.

Haz: Oh my god! Am on my way !:D

You: Sorry Hazza that was for Lou can you tell him please !

Haz: Ok :'( but me want cupcake!

You: I'll save you one Harry. :)

Haz: your the best thanks Y/N!! Xx.


You: so um when you come home can you buy a dust pan and brush on your way I accidentally broke a mirror.. :3

Zaynie: you did what?!?!?! You monster!!!!!!! :(

You: Oops sorry Zayn, wrong person my bad !!

Zaynie: How could you ...

You: oh god Zayn! -.-


You: I miss your kisses such a great kisser (; hurry home love you! Xx

Liam: Aww how cute!

You: Sorry Liam I meant to send it to Zayn :3

Liam: I know love :)


You: I learned how to make a delicious pasta :D hurry home! Will ya :) and I also have the toy story collection! ^-^

Ni: Oh my gawdd your perfect can I come over!?

You: Sorry Nialler that was for Liam.

Ni: :(

You: ....


Hope you like them thanks so much love ya ! All <3 /.\

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