im a a rare white wolf and hes an alpha did i mention he is my mate.

Dedicated to

 jillyane's pov:

i am not jasmine i am aladin so far

ahead these bums is laggin see me

in that new thing bums is gaggin im startin

to feel like a duegon dragon

rah rah like a duegon dragon im startin to

feel like a duegon dragon

my alarm clock rang urgggghhhhh im up stupid thing geez i ay as i shut it off and get up it iz 6:00 now so i have time to get ready and meet my besties early  lol i got up took a shower and straightened my hair i took out some jeans and a baggy t shirst witha flower in the middle you see im chubby and not cute at all. my hair is midnight black and on my shoulders savannah and hannah are the only people who dont hate me and actually bother talking to me. evryone else hates me listen to the rumors my BROTHER is spreading about me  pretened to be friends with me to get to my brother for my money or because my brother told them things that werent true about me. even my parents look down on me. at school im ALWAYS put under dylans shadow ( my brother ). they are ashamed im their daughter cause i havent shifted im chubby and im older than i need to be to shift im a misfit and a shme to the school and my family.

when i got their i noticed hannah wasnt their so i asked savannah were she was and she said she found her mate andhe is mister im the third hotest guy in school i sighed. we walked over to her and said hey she was about to respond when doemon ( hannahs mate) said hey are bad for your image and you are one of us now and we dont hang with emo cool wannabes i rolled my eyes and said we are bff forever and she wouldnt leave us for you would u hannah?????

hanah's pov:

her eyes held so much emotion it wasnt even funny but she was right i wouldnt but i was his mate. then when i was about to answer damoen whispered that we were suppose to be together and we both had to make a sacriffice me my friends and hm his sluts  for eachother to be together to mate and to have a future togther so i said i had too because he made a sacrifice to be with me and i have to make one to so we can be togther. i looked at them and jillyane was crying she is emotional at times. and savannah shook he head and said she liked after us and u leave us for him i have no doubt he will cheat before he becomes faithful to you she said.

savannah's pov:

amy counted on us because we were the only ones that didnt treat her like shit and leave her cause we wanted money or a chance with her brother and to think we always said hoes before bros well i guess to u it went in one ear and out the other cause its not bros before hoes for us and dont you dare say it meant something because if it did you wouldnt have done this i said. then she said when u find ur mate you will understand that he is your first and only love and to death do you part. geez cause when u find ur mate you will see my dilema here she said. then befor i could respond doemon had slapped me but thank god jilklyane had stopped crying and her face looked like she never had cryed i just took off the shirt i was wearin to reaveal another t shirt and throught the other one away. but i still couldnt belive he slapped me before i could respond amy did she punched hin in his ribs braking at leat 4 and  then his nos breaking it then when he was holding his gut she kicked his shin mking him fall then kicked his balls no doubt they were a light shade of purple ( she had a hard kick) and said u mess with her or my friends  EVER again the beating will be worse u WONT be able to reproduce she told him and u WILL be permentally hospitalized. then she turned to hannah and said when he hurts you dont look for us cause im done he will fuck and leave and fuck again IN YOUR GUYS BED before he becomes faithful and hannah im done in time i MIGHT  forgive you she said before walking off with me following but not befor i said to daemon im gonna get u later. u better sleep with one eye open tonight.

oh wow doemon u got a beat down by one girl but 2 tonight hehe and when i SAY BEAT DOWN I MEAN BEAT THE HELL DOWN. hehe ima upload agan tom

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Selena Gomezas jillyane
Jaden Smithas jake
Alex Pettyferas deomon
Ray Jas dylan
nicki minajas savannah
Willow Smithas lila
Brad Pittas jason
Rihannaas lilliana
Britney Spearsas hannah
Beyonce Knowlesas charolette
jzas austin
Chris Brownas aiden
Enrique Iglesiasas asher
Justin Timberlakeas derick
keshaas lilliana

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