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The DEAL with Mr.Player


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Nothing speaks more about love, than a rose. Even a rose can’t speak enough about my love for you…


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Biology went by like lightning with me staringat Chris and Liana throughout the hour. The twisting and turning inside my stomach’s justdue to indigestion, right? Well I thought so.


I didn’t hear a single word that my teacher said. Who wanted to hear a disgusting lecture about the human reproductive system? That’s so puke-inducing!


Once the bell rang, I walked hurriedly towards my car trying to escape from the dungeon of boredom! I saw Liana walking outside with Anta, her brilliant smile glittered against the setting sun. They’re chattering so seriously that they wouldn’t have noticed even if a white crow flew over their heads. What do girls talk about all the time? I never understood.


“Asher…” I heard a girl voice calling me. As I stared up, I saw Hilary giving me her flirtiest smile. Why did girls want to get hurt? After all these years they still wanted to be with me?


I gave her a fake smile as she neared me. I’m really proud that girls found me worth flirting, but sometimes it’s too much to handle.


“You want to go out?” she gave me a hopeful look. Like the hell I would.


“Nah, I'm busy,” as I said, her mouth hung open. She’s good-looking, but she wasn’t my type. Fake dates, fake girlfriends and fake kissing were not pleasing me and I didn’t like it anymore, well I didn’t like it previously either. I had to do those things only because popular boys like me should do that to maintain their reputation and I wanted to find that one girl. After all these years of trying, I had come to a conclusion; I would never find that girl who would interest me in the slightest possible way.


As I jumped in my car, shutting my door at Hilary’s face (Well it’s rude, but people like her only understood the words after actions), I saw Liana hopping inside Harry’s car waving at Riya, Trent and Sid. She looked beautiful, too beautiful that I could not even believe my eyes. Were my eyes playing tricks on me?


 Not wanting  to go home, I drove around in circles. Then I remembered about the project, so I drove straight home. As I went in, I saw Liana removing something from the fridge.


I went silently towards her and noticed her taking a bag filled with delicious smelling food.


“What is that?” I asked curiously, she jumped back startled and in the process collided with me. Her very soft smell filled my nostrils. I took a deep breath and was mesmerized by its sweetness.I came back to the world when I heard her screaming.


“Don’t sneak around behind my back, you idiot,” she yelled as she tried to cover the big parcel with her hands. Was she crazy?


“I already saw it and yeah your hands are too small to cover that big bag…” I gave her a stern look, waiting for her to answer. She rolled her eyes…


“Well, take it, it's what Martha had cooked today,” she admitted, with an exasperated sigh. Wow, was she trying to eat everything alone without giving any to me? That’s so selfish of her and how could one person eat so much. She was not that fat anymore, but she should for what she eats.


“And you’re trying to sneak it and eat everything by yourself?” I asked her, grabbing the bag from her hand. She clutched it tightly as if her life depended on it (it probably did) and then let it go as she couldn’t hold on any longer.

“It is not like that, I didn’t plan to eat everything. I had decided to leave you something…” she gave me a sheepish smile.


“You mean leftovers for me?” I gave her a strong look and she smiled awkwardly again.

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Drew Royas Asher
Lyndsy Fonsecaas Liana
Brookelle Bones as Sydney
Harry Stylesas Harry
Joe Jonasas Trent
Chelsea Staubas Riya
Nicole Andersonas Anta
Jesse McCartneyas Chris

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