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How I won the love deal (sample only) + Persuading Ms. Obstinate (Ongoing)



Nothing speaks more about love, than a rose. Even a rose can’t speak enough about my love for you…




# The goof I called best friend




I woke up with a head ache. That night I slept late, playing video games with the three boys. Of course Liam sat far away from me and talked mostly with Zac. He avoided me and Mac like we were viruses. I didn’t care, because he freaked me out at dinner.


“I beat your rude ass…” Mac yelled like a maniac when he won yet another game.  I rubbed my face miserably. How many times I had tried to win, I couldn’t. This thing was starting to irritate me.


“Shut up Mackie, I let you win, or I know you’ll spend entire day crying.” I said defiantly, my chin raising. Ok, I knew what you're probably thinking!


“Oh, you’re such a sour loser, Lila. Accept it, you suck in this.” Mac howled in laughter, and Zac joined with him to my irritation.


“Oh, Lils is so going to cry,” Zac said in between his guffaws. I didn’t know what was so amusing. But who could blame them? My brother and best friend were rare creatures, whose brain was as small as a pea.


I noted Liam’s eyes on my face and I turned to him with a frown.


“What?” I asked with irritation. He nodded with a smirk on his face. He was really an arrogant fool. I despised him so damn much.


Ha-ha, a small voice inside me said arrogantly. That traitor. I closed my eyes and then noticed my friend and brother had stopped their laughing quest and when I opened my eyes, they were both looking at me. I swallowed, feeling caught red-handed.


“Lila, your boyfriend asked me to tell you that he’s bringing you out tomorrow,” Mac said and I felt my face warm up considerably. I knew Mac noticed my eyes and heard my thoughts (Though I wasn’t sure how he did that? Was he a vampire? God, I was afraid of those creatures…) and that was why he was reminding me of this.


Liam’s head jerked up as he stared at Mac and with a hard glare, he stood up.


“I’m going to sleep.”


“And I hope you’ll never wake up.” I muttered under my breath, but he heard me, unfortunately.


His eyes roamed over my face for a second before a dark glint captured his eyes. He lifted his head and bore his eyes through mine. For a moment I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t think about anything but him.


I knew I was getting this bad. This addiction was strangely pleasurable, but I knew he was playing with me. I calmed my furiously running heart down and turned my head away.


“I wish you some luck!” he grinned cheekily and then waved at me with a wink. I stopped breathing again. This boy was dangerous for my health and heart and brain… Someone should give him restriction order from me…


When Zac left with a huge yawn, I was left alone with Mac.


“Lila, you should stop drooling over him, that’s unattractive.” Mac said in his serious tone, only it wasn’t serious at all.


“Wh-wa-what?” I stuttered shocked, my eyes went wide like saucers and my face was flushed. Thank God, the room was dimly lit.


“Oh, I can see it in your eyes and your face; you look at him like he’s your mate or something and I wanna make sure you aren’t werewolves, that will be disgusting.” Mac’s mind was as weird as me. And it was fair we became best friends.


“Shut up Mac, sometimes you talk like a stupid.” I maintained a stern face instead laughing at my best friend. Sometimes, life would be easier when you had a best friend, a best friend who could make you laugh at all the moment.


For a moment I wondered why I didn’t fall in love with Mac, why did I choose Liam? But Love wasn’t forced, your heart just wanted what it wants, and you couldn’t change it.


But that was in the past. My love for Liam was over now; I shouldn’t feel anything for him. I rubbed my though at the dinner time, I erased his eyes from my mind. They were his dangerous weapons and I was afraid I would succumb to its power.

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Persuading Ms. Obstinate -7


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