I wouldn't be
Anywhere without
My adoring family

My loving friends
Stand by me through
Thick and thin

I'm up and down
Life throws me

I just get back up
Smile through the
Tears and breath

Life is tough
Unfair some say
All are true

Who said it's easy?
Who said everything
Is perfect?

I choose my
Crazy, stupid, beautiful 
Life any day of the week

No matter what's
Thrown my way
I throw it back

I make it work
To my own style
My own drum

I make the beat
I dance the rhythm and
In the end
I'm in love with
My crazy, stupid, beautiful

There are times
I must agree
That are stressful
For me

Giving up
Seems like the
Easy way out

I feel like pulling
My hair out
Screaming and
Shouting to the sky

But remember this
The stronger you are
The more you live

In the end
I have fallen in love
With this crazy, stupid
Beautiful life

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