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Briellas POV

 It was all cold and dark. The air felt dry no moisture at all. It seemed like a forest, the soft grass

rubbed against my foot, I was barefoot and walking slowly around, what seemed like a forest. I heard

footsteps behind me and turned around so fast, I thought I could have gotten whip lash. There was

nothing behind me, I felt my heartbeat go faster and faster to the point that I could hear the beats of

my heart into my ear.

I heard a malicious laugh infront of me and turned back around super fast. but still nothing.

"your mine" the voice said so deep and huskily.

"who are you!" i shouted out, panick rising in me

"you'll find out soon..." and after that i saw the face of a black wolf with reds eyes, jump at me then--

I jumped from chace's bed, covered in sweat and my hair sticking to me. what..what was that i thought

to myself. i looked to my side and there was no chace there. flashbacks came back to me of what has

happened in the past days. Tears started to welm in my eyes but i held them back. 'They' weren't

worth it. I got up and went into the enormous bathroom, jeez how can afford this place, it was a

huuuuge mansion! I looked into the mirror and i looked like a girl from one of those horror movies. my

hair was sticking out and some strands sticking on me, the sweat was everywhere on my body and I

wear no make-up because brandon said i'll just look uglier. I sighed and jumped in the shower,

washing off all the sweat and let the warm water just fall on my back. I got out and wrapped a towel

around me and then i noticed a note and a rose next to some close. i picked up the note anxious to

read it.


i left early this morning to buy you some clothes, all you knew clothes and shoes are in my closet. I

guess we're sharing a room, roomate (;.. anyway thought you'd like to start your day with a smile so i

picked up that rose even though its not as beautiful as you, its close.

                                                                  Love, Chace

My heart jumped backwards and i felt flutters in my stomach when he wrote 'love'. i grabbed the

clothes and noticed it was a white tank top and shorts that were stripped (pic on the side). I've never

wore clothes this provocitive. I slipped them on and it felt wierd, I felt expose and alittle nude. I