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This is a story I started a while ago and just got back to. I hope you like it and please comment on it and/ or vote. I really need to know how people feel about this to know if it is something I should continue or not on here. Yes it is semi spiritual, but not 100%. The main character's faith comes into play, a lot.  But I am trying to go for something that isn't too pushy but just how and who she is. Hope you enjoy!

Looking up at the sky Stephanie wondered if the clouds would ever release the rains again. Thinking back over the years and wars that have come to pass, she also wonders if the government will ever get the science program up and running again and figure out a way to save the dying planet; though she knows that it will still come to an end in God’s time. Stephanie then looks to the dirt covered ground, the once fertile dirt that gave her rich, beautiful vegetables and flowers.

            Sighing, Stephanie closes her eyes and says, “Thank you God for the once beautiful garden. I also thank you for my health and well being, without you I would surely be dead long ago. Please give me strength and keep me protected at what I have to go and face today. Thank you for answering my prayers. Amen.” She turns and looks at her air-cycle. She remembers when they first came out and started to replace what was once the modern motorcycle. It was shaped like the old Suzuki Biplanes, and would be surrounded by an almost invisible shield that would activate as soon as the motor started, unless deactivated manually, a holographic windshield would also appear for readouts and other things, and it hovered off of the ground. Oh how she wanted one when they first came out. Her father said that they were too dangerous and had forbid her to ever get one until she moved out of the house, it was not long after that, he had passed away. She found out later that it was due to all the pollution caused by the nearby refineries. At the time she didn’t know what they were actually doing there, of course everyone was told that it was for the good and health of the planet. Stephanie, however, soon found out that it wasn’t for "good” in any way shape or form. Being a part of the final resistance to the government, she was sent in to find out what was actually going on in there. It wasn’t pretty.

R.O.U.G.E.S. (Resistance Of Unified Government Echo System) is now sending her on another mission that would be the most dangerous of them all. Stephanie is going to join the science program at one of the refineries and get as much intelligence that she can. She places the thin oxygen mask that is paper thin and circularly covers her nose and mouth and extends to her chin making it air tight. Stephanie jumped on her air-cycle as a helmet grows from her suit; she pressed a button on the side of her helmet locking it in place and starts the engine, and speeds off with the shield Safely around the bike and herself.

What would normally be an hour’s drive, took her only thirty minutes due to her vehicle. None of the old analogies would work to describe how fast she could travel, there was no moss and there was no grass. Couldn’t really go by animals either, but if the history stories were true, maybe faster than a Cheetah.  

“Name and Identification.” The guard ordered from Stephanie as she pulled up to the gate pressing a button on her wrist causing her glove to shrink into the arm or her sleeve.

The guard looked at Stephanie as she pressed her thumb into the pad revealing her identity. Stephanie, beautiful woman, stood in front of him all in black except the face mask on the helmet which revealed her face as plain as day, he studied her all over, looking her up and down. She had nothing to worry about from him, knowing that his electronic eye was searching her over for a weapon only and not checking her out as a man would in the twenty-first century. “You may proceed. Here is your pass card, it not only allows you in but will also tell you of your destination. Follow the directions clearly and precisely, if you do not, security will know through the bio-scanners. You are not allowed in secure locations without your supervisor, so don’t try it. You may go now.”

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