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The cherry fic


Warnings: Explicit content, swearing. 
A/N If there are any spelling errors please please tell me, I hate spelling errors. Also, I did not write this, a friend (Patrice) did. however I do write fanfiction, which can also be found on my wattpad. 


I awake groggily, I can't remember anything. Yesterday was all a blur. I know Phil and I had been dating for a year now, it was our anniversary so we decided to have a party. I remember lots of alcohol, weird indie movies and Chinese Virgin Boiled Eggs. But now, where am I? I adjust my eyes and look around. It's bright, blindingly bright but I can make some obscure shadowy figures. I recognize chairs, what looks like an assortment of clothes and various objects on the floor and a Tv. It's my room, well Phil's and my room. I wipe my eyeballs and get up, I'm in bed. Shirtless wearing boxers in bed to be exact. I take off the bed clothes and stand up. My body feels tense so I bend down and over to stretch.

"You're up finally."

I recognize the voice. How could I not? It's Phil's voice. Vibrant and jubilant, lights my heart just hearing a vowel emitted from his mouth.

I turn around, Phil is standing there wearing a plain white tee and some gray sweat pants. His hair's a little messy but It's early in the morning. He's smiling, such a bright smile.

"Phil," I reply. I run up to him and embrace his nice slender body. I look him in the eyes, instantaneously we kiss. Our breath might smell like alcohol and eggs but it's still one of the most empowering kisses I've ever had.

One year, to think I've been with Phil for one year.

"You're in a good mood," Phil points out.

I let go and tears of joy flow from eyes, "How could I not be? I love you phil." I go back for another embrace followed by a sweet kiss. I get lost in him, in his everything. In his supple yet fortified body, in his sweet soft lips, in his gentle embrace, in the light of his own existence. He's my one my all, my alpha my omega, I can't describe how I feel. Call me a sexually misunderstood dramaqueen teen but goddammit I love phil. I'd love him as a girl, but I'm glad he's a guy.

So much time passes, it's a tongueless kiss. We don't need our tongues to dance to show our feelings, just the embrace is enough for us. I think to myself, "How long has it been? Minutes? Hours? Days? Years? Eons? This kiss seems laconic yet eternal. Perhaps my homo-erotic fantasies are taking over and this is the greatest feeling in the world, or perhaps I'm being admonished of what to come. But why do I know something bad will happen? What is this apprehensive feeling I have? It festers in my heart diabolically ripping my feelings apart and smiting my love. No, go away! GO AWAY! Why am I screaming on the inside? Why are all these questions forming? I love Phil so what could be wrong? How long has this kiss been? What's going on?"

My thoughts are cut off immediately. The kiss fades away and I fall on my back. Blood's on my lips and down my chin but I didn't' feel anything. I look up as my paralyzed body lies in a contorted position. In what looks look like a scene from a horror movie there's Phil. His eyes piercingly cold, his smile grin, and blood on his teeth. In his right hand is a syringe. An empty one at that. I feel dizzy.

"Phil," I struggle to call out to him, but no success. My mind drifts, my body fades. Like the pouring rain I feel gone. I drift off where exactly?...



A sudden jolt of electricity shoots through my spine as a stinging sensation emits from my chest. I cough up air that I choke on and crane my head forward giving me whiplash.

"AHH!" I scream in pain only for my mouth to be cupped. Phil's demonic eyes stare me into my soul. He has a vicious smile on his face.

"Scream and I kill you. Nod if you understand?"

I don't know what's going on or why but I instinctively nod. He pushes me back and whips me again across my neck. I bite my lip and curl my toes and fingers as the searing burns fester. I'm chained, my arms and legs are restricted and I'm somewhere in a dark room.

Before I can recover from the previous mark of searing pain the whip cracks again against my right shoulder. My eyes widen and I suppress a scream but in a chained order the whip fluidly cracks itself against my stomach back and various appendages.

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