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Sterek One-Shots


The Hale pack was currently gathered in Derek's loft, watching over Stiles. The hyperactive teen had decided to accept the bite from Derek and was currently in a deep sleep. Everyone was simply waiting to see if the bite would take or not.

"How will we know if he's dead or not?" Isaac asked softly from where he was sitting between Scott and Cora.

Derek glared slightly and Peter shook his head before deadpanning, "You'll hear his heartbeat stop if he's dead."

"He's not going to die," Scott mumbled probably to reassure himself.

Deep in his thoughts, Derek ignored what the rest of his betas were saying. He was worried about Stiles and was scared that he might die. It'd be his fault. One more death upon his hands. Derek didn't want to deal with that guilt. Not after Paige. Not after his family. Not after Laura. Not after Erica and Boyd. He didn't want to lose Stiles, too.

"Derek... Hey, Derek... Derek!... Mr.Brooding Alpha... DEREK!!!" Lydia exclaimed, shaking the sour wolf out of his thoughts.

"Hmmm?" Derek acknowledged.

"Stiles is waking up we th-" Lydia was interupted by a loud and wet cough coming from the said boy.

Derek was imediately standing by Stiles, asking if he needed anything. "I'm going to grab a bucket..." Scott suggested before running out the room.

Stiles looked up at Derek with pain filled eyes, "Der?"

"Hey," Derek whispered rubbing Stiles back in a soothing matter.

"What did I mi-" he started before coughing again, but this time blood was coming up, too.

"Sh**.," Derek swore under his breath, "Cora get some towels, now!"

Cora ran off just as Scott came back and may or may not have screamed at the sight of his best friend coughing up blood. Peter shook his head and crossed his arms from where he was sitting. He knew what was happening and nothing would change it. Stiles' body was rejecting the bite and there was no way to stop it. He just needs to ride out the pain until he inevitably dies.

Blood, blood, and more blood, was all Derek could see. It was like Paige all over again. "Derek it's not your fault," Stiles whispered into the werewolf's chest. "I chose this. The bite taking or not isn't something we, you, can control."

"I shouldn't have done it," Derek shook his head and sat, pulling Stiles on his lap. "I shouldn't have agreed. I knew this could happen. Would probably happen."

"You couldn't ha-" Stiles started before more coughs and blood came up, "You couldn't have known."

"Maybe," the Alpha mummbled and rested his chin on his mate's shoulder.

A layer of silence came over the room as the other pack members sat somberly throughout. No one knew exactly what to do. There wasn't much any of the betas could do towards Derek's sh*tty love life. No one could help Stiles either. He'd probably stop them from leeching the pain because he was going to die anyways. When Stiles began to writhe in pain, many of the others flinched and Isaac whimpered softly.

"Have them," Stiles groaned, "Have them leave."

Scott stood up to protest but Derek glared, "Go."

Allison placed a hand on Scott's shoulder before he could retort, "It's best if we go. We all know what's going to happen. Seeing him... Seeing him die isn't going to help. It's for the best."

Scott scowled, "For the best?!? It's Derek's fault that Stiles is going to die. It's Derek's freaking fault!!!"

Stiles glared, "Scott! You and I both know it's not his fault. I don't want you here because its just going to hurt you more than it already is. Please just go."

Scott sighed, "Fine."

Allison, Lydia, Isaac, and Scott said their goodbyes to the rest of the pack. Isaac and Lydia were pretty much reduced to tears, while Scott and Allison were obviously trying hard not to cry. They couldn't help but think of how this would be the last of Stiles' they'd see or at least hear.

Peter looked at the couple before walking off to his roof in the loft. With a grief stricken face, Cora left with a bye to her room, thus leaving Derek and Stiles by themselves.

"I love you," Stiles mumbled into Derek's chest.

"I love you, too," Derek replied and ran a hand through Stiles' hair.

Stiles smiled and leaned up to kiss Derek despite the bloody mess his mouth was. Derek kissed back and wrapped an arm around the teen's waist. Coiling his arms around Derek's neck, Stiles pulled away, "It'll be okay."

"Promise?" the older one whispered with an ounce of vulnerability.

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Dylan O'Brienas Stiles Stilinski
Tyler Hoechlinas Derek Hale
Tyler Poseyas Scott McCall
Crystal Reedas Allison Argent
Daniel Sharmanas Isaac Lahey
Holland Rodenas Lydia Martin
Adelaide Kaneas Cora Hale
Ian Bohenas Peter Hale

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