MB dirty imagines

Prod: yeah..this is it!
Prince: anyway like I was saying since you've been fucking with all my boys , we gone show you what happens
*Diggy pushes you in*
you: (looks around and you see a clear casket dripping blood)
you: m-mommy...?
*sees another one*
You: daddy....?
*Next you see another one..but shorter*
*you a familiar face*
You: is that...me..?
*you turn around and everyone is gone but the car is still there.*
*you turn back around and their all ina casket*
You: guys??
*the eyes in your casket open amd glowing red*
*your casket self's lips open and it start talking in a raspy voice..*
*sounds as if its possessed*
you: (whimpers )
*you then hear a deep, familiar saying "your going to hell, hoe"
*you look around amd nothings there*
*the casket bodies lift up and turn there heads a full 360°
*you finally realize where you are*
you: (when people say they been to hell and back...)
you: I'm in hell..
You: I've got to change before this is my permanent destination
Their trying to take my parents.. (you fall on your knees and start to cry)
*you hear a faint voice sounding like your mother*
Mom: sweetie...help me..(she sounds as if she's being choked)
*you also hear your fathers voice saying "you'll be hear soon daughter..unless you change... dont end up here like me..it horrible.
*A faint voice sounding like rynisha's occurs *
She woke you up...
rynisha: girl get up! we gotta get to school!
you: (gets up drenched in sweat)
you: what..? Wheres Diggy and princeton and the rest of them
Rynisha: (bows her head and starts to cry)
they've died years ago.. a girl who kept messing with all of them at the Same time and told lies got them shot..
you: (how was that place so familiar...I was in hell.. wait..that means my dad is In hell.. Idk how it was familiar though )
you: (whispers) I killed them...
Rynisha: (laughs ) what? Haha comeon girl let's go (walks out)
*Your left in the room alone.
You: This was all a dream..?

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