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Couple Years Ago.

  "But mom! I don't want to live here my whole life! I want to travel, go to parties, get drunk, to be a normal teenager!" I pleaded my mom to not make me stay in this dry ole' place. I hate hospitals. They always had this strange feeling it it. 

   I wanted to be free, and live a normal life of a 17 yr old teenager. I wanted to party with my friends, I wanted to sneak outside my house just to go to a random bar, and get drunk. I don't want to have a disease, I don't want to live in a hospital, I don't want to be alone.

   "I'm sorry Cadia, but you have to. We can't have you spreading your disease around the whole world."

   That was the end. She left me inside the hospital room. All alone. Depressed, with no one around to help me get over the fact that no one will want to be my friend.

   The doctor had said something about my disease being too rare, that it doesn't even have a name- yet.

   Apparently, I'm the second person getting this disease. The other person to get it, had died a few weeks back. No one knows how I got infected with this germ. This nasty dirty germ that's bringing my life down hill.

Present Time. 

   I had been lying in this bed for 2 years. 2 fucking whole years of depression and having people coming in and out of my life.

   Sitting in this room was suffocating and dreadful. It was a small normal bedroom, but with a big glass see through window right next to the bed. It helped the doctors know if I was okay or not.

   I know they are disgusted by me though. Like, how could they not? I looked stupid, hopeless, and worthless with this infection around me. 

   I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the glass and saw my doctor. He was wearing this gigantic suit. Apparently, since this germy sickness can infect people really easily, he has to use protection, to of course, protect himself from me and my viruses. 

   "Hello Ms. Kingston. I have some news for you--" 

   "Let me guess, I might have a chance to live, if you some how find a cure, and you're working on it right now with some smart ass scientists. Oh right, I also might have a few more months to live. Am I right?" His face had pure shock, and just by that, I knew that I was correct.


  I have heard those words far too much that I had it engraved on my head.

  "Well um. Right" He clears his throat. "Since you seem to know all of that, I think I should leave."

  He gave me a curt nod, and muttered a goodbye, before leaving me alone again. 

  I sighed. Why can't I just die right now? That will make things much easier for me. I wouldn't have to worry about these stupid hospitals, I also won't have to worry about my family. The greatest thing of all is, I would be happier dead, than live in a small room, in a hospital, with disgusting food, while being a loner.

  Speaking of food, I think it's time I make an order for lunch. As disgusting as the food here tastes, I love eating, and I won't stop eating. I pressed a button that alerts the nurse that it was time for my lunch. 

  When the nurse comes in, she carefully puts my food down on my nightstand, withiut making eye contact, and left as fast as she could. I could tell she doesn't like me, maybe only because of this infection I have. To make myself feel better, I put the tray of food on my lap.

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