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Wow, so I had a crappy past couple of days. They were spent being stuck in an airport form 11am-8pm two days in a row. what a blast right?! haha well it's good to be home. Anyhoo here is part 2, constructive criticism always welcome. sorry if it's bad, but enjoy!

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My encounter with Tyler at the store happened on a Friday, I started school that Monday, the fourth.

I attend a wizard school, disguised as a private school, in the middle of town. How's that for inconspicuous? What's even better is that the name of the school makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. It's basically just a bunch of words shoved together.

The school is formally known as The Magnus Abbott Gifted Institution Center.

It's acronym...


The school is about as subtle as Ann sneaking into a house with her bubble wrap slippers (these ones where the air bubbles magically re-inflate for guaranteed lasting popping). Can't you imagine it now, her trying to sneak through a house in the middle of the night followed by the POP POP POP POP of every step she takes! Not to mention, it's Ann, so her walking in the dark is bound to end in at least 3 lamps getting knocked off tables as she runs into them. Subtle right?

Yet somehow, no humans know what goes on at M.A.G.I.C. As far as they are concerned, it's just some snobby exclusive private high school.

So school started and I thought the next month was bound to be good. Not only was I starting senior year, but my birthday was also in a week. Big 18!

School started out great and I immediately fell into my annual routine. In the morning I would wake up, shower, put on my uniform and eyeliner, and eat breakfast. Then I would go to school and my school day would mainly consist of classes and socializing. After school was always partially devoted to Ryan, then the rest of my time belonged to dinner, eating, and sleeping.

Oh, and since you don't go to a magic school, I'm sure you're curious as to what sort of classes I take. I'll start by telling you that I have a block schedule. What that means is that I have 2 days of classes that alternate. I have A days and B days. Every other day is an A day. so if Monday is a B day, then so are Wednesday and Friday. That also means that Tuesday and Thursday would be A days. Make sense?

Well this is what my schedule looked like:

A days

1st- Potions -->Professor Hardwick 

2nd- Defense -->Professor Dave 


3rd-History -->Professor Johnson 


4th-Specials --> Professor Carter


B Days

1st- Configurations -->Professor Bauer 

2nd- Ghosting -->Professor Landon 


3rd-Literature -->Professor Dawson 


4th-Specials --> Professor Carter


Now you know what my average day at school is like, so I'm going to skip the details of school for now. I'm moving ahead to when things in my life got...complicated. But don't fret, I will talk more in depth about my school days in time.

On Monday August 18, 2008, two weeks after school started, things in my life got weird.

That Monday started out like any other day, nothing changed until I was walking to history with Ryan...

"Violet, I'm serious, you shouldn't have left the party with Lance on Saturday."

"Why? You were too hammered, and he was sober. I wanted to get home and I sure as hell wasn't going to walk."

"Yea, but Lance? Come on you know I don't trust that kid."

"He's your best friend." I replied dryly.


"So you were drunk! You knew I didn't want to stay the night, you could have at least let me driven myself to the party."

It was true, Ryan was so gone. When I wanted to leave I found him staring at a plastic cup he was holding upside down. He kept tapping the bottom of the cup expectantly and waited for beer to come pouring out. At one point he even tried commanding the beer to come out saying 'I command you beer to come out, I am a wizard and shall drink you when you do,' then he engaged in a staring contest with it challenging it to defy him. I didn't wait around to see who would win because Lance came around and offered me a ride home.

"...Do you promise nothing happened?" Ryan said hesitantly.

"What do you mean?" Then it hit me, he thinks I cheated on him! "Wait, seriously? That's why you're so pissed? You think I cheated on you?" I stopped and turned around to face him.

"Well how would I know, I was drunk, and you were ALONE -"

But I didn't hear the rest of his sentence because I got the worst headache of my life. Within seconds I was on my knees, all senses dulled. I could barely hear anything and I couldn't open my eyes because the pain in my head was too awful.

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