Ryan's Story


Hey. This is my new story. comment what you thought. I don't know if it's any good.

Ryan's story

Ryan Anoni was a student. A boyfriend. A vampire. This is what happens when he forgets everything.

Ryans point of view-

"you're a what. A vampire. Ohh Ryan you crack me up sometimes!" I looked at her. Max Tyler. She has been my girlfriend for 3 years now. Since we were 15 I have wanted to tell her my biggest secret that I was a vampire. I just told her and now her brown eyes are filling up and she is crying with tears of laughter. Great. Just great. She is the first person I have told in 249 years and she reacts like this.

I was born on the 30th of May 1745 and I was changed in 1760. I don't remember the experience of changing. This part of my life is a complete blank. I still look the same and will never age. So today will be one of my last days with max because people are going to notice if I don't age. I have done this procedure so many times but it has never been this hard. Every time I go to a new place I tell myself not to get too attached to the people and the places. I will tell max that my parents are moving back to Italy. Even though my parents died more than 200 years ago. She should believe this because she knows I'm Italian, but I didn't tell I have never been to Italy for 249. I refuse to go back to Italy because that is the place that I died inside.

She was still laughing when I said "were here"

"I love the beach don't you" She asked me

"Yeah sure whatever" I answered sharply. I didn't mean to be so sharp, but she was too happy and I was about to ruin her day.

"I'm sorry have I done something to upset you? Are you ok?"Max said. I took a look at her and then took her hand and said "No you haven't, I'm fine just worries about something. You know I love you right?"

"Of course I do!"She replied. She looked very shocked.

"Well ok let's get ice cream" I said Her face looked puzzled but she climbed out the car and didn't say anything. Max got chocolate chip and I got cookies and cream. If I must say it was fab even for a vampire. We walked along the sandy beach with our trousers rolled up, so we could put our feet in the water. The sea was chilly and refreshing. This is what I would say if vampires could feel the cold and the heat, but max said it was cold so I agreed. We also went to the amusements and I won a pink and black bear with a purple heart in the middle. I gave this to Max of course and she called it Ryan. After that w walked back to the car, hand in hand, then I hugged her tightly, knowing it would be the last time. She got in the driver's seat and she put on paramore on the CD player. I decided now would be a good time to tell her. I thought I would tell her quickly so it would be less painful.

"Max I'm moving"

"What. What do you mean you're moving? You have only been here for 3 years. Where are you going?" she sounded like she was going to burst into tears any minute now.

"My parents are moving back to Italy. It's a work thing."

Her tears now were not ones of laughter but tears of sorrow. I put my hand on top of hers, but she just pulled away. I wish there was someway I didn't have to do this.

"I'm sorr..." I began to say. Then there was complete darkness!

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