(COMPLETED)Secrets to Keep !! ( Laura Marano and Ross Lynch Love Story )


Laura lied in the bed next Ross who was naked and so was she ." Ross ....after this promise me you won't say any thing ?"

Ross smirked ." Don't worry after this I'll never say any thing again ! "


Laura laughed a little . " Is there any thing you want me to know ? "


Ross had to think ." I always sneeze before I come .... "


Laura looked confused ." O-Okay ....." 

She slowly climbed on top of Ross but he wasn't inside her yet .


" Are you ready ? " Ross asked nervously .

Laura smiled ." This isn't the first time I had sex ! "


Ross giggled . " Alright ."He stuck his tip into Laura as she closed her eyes and bit her lip .


Laura started to thrust Ross's rock hard d*ck in and out of her .Ross moaned like a girl and grabbed the sheets .


Laura moaned and kept thrusting , Ross was so big , he barely fit inside of her , but Laura loved it .


" God !! " Laura started to go faster and harder .


"L-Laura go easy on me !!! " Ross moaned in pleasure .


Laura's face was already covered in sweat , and she was taking deep breaths ." Ross , you're so big ! "


Ross blushed and rapped his arms firmly around Laura .


Laura held Ross really close making sure his d*ck was deep inside of her ." Ross get on top !?"


Ross got on top of her , and looked into Laura's eyes ... Laura was also looking into his eyes .


He began to thrust in and slowly .Laura moaned in pain and pleasure .Ross had never felt this way about anyone , he's had sex before but it never felt this good . He was really willing to make love to Laura all night !


" Ah , harder !! " Laura grabbed the bed railing . " Oh yeah , I like that ! "


Ross moved so fast that the bed started shaking and making a squeaking sounds .


Laura let out an ear pinching scream , that was hurting Ross's ears .

Ross kissed Laura really quickly to stop her moaning , but she still moaned deeply through the kiss .


Ross's tongue searched Laura's mouth , as he slowly thrusted .

He quickly pulled away , and sneezed all over Laura's faced . His come squirted out and bursted into her , making her jump .


Ross lied his head on shoulder ." I'm so sorry ... " He whispered .


Laura smiled and rubbed Ross's soft blonde hair . " Don't apologize ."


Ross looked confused ." Why not ? "


" I had fun ! " Laura's hand trailed to Ross's d*ck as she started to give him a hand job .


Ross groaned trying not to groan to loud ." Laura .... I feel so guilty for doing this ..."


Laura stopped the hand job ." Well yes but ... Do you regret it ? "


" Hell no !! " Ross yelled as Laura began to laugh .


Someone came inside through the front door ." Laura , I'm home ! "


" And there's my parents ."Laura hopped up .


Ross turned over ." So does this mean we're dating ?"


She slipped on her robe ." ... I'll have to think about it , I'll let you know what I decide what to do ."


Ross nodded ." Okay ."


Laura ran down stairs ." Hey mom ... Whoa what happened to dad ?"


Her dad's nose was was bleeding and throbing .


" Let's just say .... He fell ..." Laura's mom made up an excuse .


" Dad are you okay ? " Laura felt her dad's nose .


He smiled ." Laura , I'll be fine ... Right after I go to the doctor .."


Laura took her hand off of his nose ." Eww ... It's throbing !! "


Laura's mom walked up to Laura ." I'll be putting some ice on your dad's nose , if you need me ."


Laura nodded ." I'll be in the shower ."


Laura walked to the bathroom almost falling from stumbling on her dog ." Oh , hey boy ! "


He licked Laura's face and covered it with dog slob ." Okay ewwww !! "


Laura walked into the bathroom and and ran the shower water , as she stripped down she heard a noise behind her , she ignored it a kept undressing . She got in the shower and let the warm water hit her skin .


Suddenly she saw a shadow behind the shower curtain ." Who's there ? " Laura was kinds scared , Ross shoulda left so it wasn't him .


Then the curtain pulled open to see Ross completely naked .


Laura smiled and pulled Ross into the shower ." How did you get back in her ?"


Ross smirked ." I never left ..."


Laura looked so confused ." Why didn't you leave ?"


" I couldn't leave without saying bye to you ! " Ross laughed .


Laura smiled at how incredibly sweet Ross was , she crash her lips onto Ross's lips . Ross rapped his arms firmly around her . Laura pulled away and glared at Ross who was glaring at her too , then suddenly her lip trailed down to Ross's d*ck .


" Laura ....I love you ..." Ross admitted .


Laura laughed " I love you too Ross ." She went down on Ross making him moan loudly .

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