(COMPLETED)Secrets to Keep !! ( Laura Marano and Ross Lynch Love Story )


~With Ross and Laura~


They both drove along the street , happily buy just strolling . Ross and Laura had an awesome time on their ..... Something like a date ....

" I had fun , didn't you ? " Laura smiled .

" When I'm with you it's always fun ! " Ross confessed .

Laura blushed a little ." Ross .... You know Eric and I aren't dating ... Things with him are just temporary , you know ? "

" Oh , I coulda sworn you two were making out yesterday ." Ross turned a corner in their regular sized car .

" That .... Was .... Temporary ...." Laura lied to cover up the fact that her and Eric did have something ... But she was willing to erase that if it meant her and Ross could be together .


They reached Laura's house and parked in front of it .

" This was the awkwardest , weirdest , oddest , and stupidest date I've ever had !! " Laura had to get that out .

Ross looked as if he failed to make her happy .

Laura smirked ." And I loved it ... "


Ross felt so relived ." I'm glad you had fun ."

" Ross do you maybe wanna come in ? " Laura asked kindly .

" Who's home ? " Ross asked .


Laura thought for a moment ." No one should be there .... They all went some where ."


" I'd love to come in ! " Ross and Laura hopped outta the car .


As they walked inside the security system goes off causing Laura to quickly shut it off .


" Fuck ! That thing always gets me ! " Once again Laura threw her purse of the floor and she on the couch .


Ross sat next to Laura as he looked around at fancy the things in her home , but something was missing . " Laura ...... Didn't you have a dog ? "


Laura got off of the couch ." Yeah he's with my mom and dad ... "

Ross looked at Laura as she walked away ." Where are you going ? "


She turned around facing Ross ." Come with me ? "


Ross raised his eyebrows ." What ?"


" Come on ! " Laura pulled him off of the couch .


" Where are you taking me ? " Ross was being pulled buy his arm .


They ran to the backyard only to see the beautiful sun going down , it was a mesmerizing view of a beautiful thing . But to Ross the beautiful thing in whole world was Laura , and it would so much if Laura felt that exact way about him .

" Come on ! " Laura sat at the edge of the balcony watch the sun go as it left outta sight .

Ross walked up behind Laura without removing his eyes from the sun .


" It's beautiful , isn't it ? " Laura pointed to the sun .


" It's really beautiful ! " For some reason when Ross said that ...Laura came to his mind


" Ya know , there is something we've been avoiding ? " Laura didn't bother to look at Ross's face .


Ross's face turned red ." What do you mean ? "


Laura looked at Ross and smiled , she didn't have to say a word but Ross knew what she meant : sex !


Ross almost peed his pants ." Laura ...... Are you sure you wanna do this with me ? I mean I'm like your best friend and stuff !! "


Laura smiled ." I'm sorry , if you don't wanna do it ... I'll just ..."


" No !! I want to .... " Ross started to smile .


Laura smiled a big smile ." Come on ..." She pulled Ross inside .



Sorryyyyyyy , it was a short chapter but I'm like really busy so .... Ya know , but for all of you who wanted me to go far with the details with Laura and Ross having sex , just let me know ! But thanks for reading !! :-)

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