"Dude stop staring at her you know you have no chance!" My best friend Josh scolded me. We were sitting in a cafe staring at the hot new waitress.

"Hah! Wanna bet?" I asked him.

"Sure, loser gets to wash the winner's car" He said smirking, as if he knows he's already won. "You're on!" Can't wait to see his face when I beat him.

"Ok but we all tried man, no luck" he said shrugging. "That's because you aren't the master," I smirked "watch and learn bro" I told him and walked off to the cash register counter.

"Hey!" I smiled at the girl. She was hot, with her curly blond hair, rosy red lips and gorgeous blue eyes and what I call a total babe!

"Hi!" she smiled back at me. I quickly ordered a cup of coffee, she handed it to me and I handed her fifty dollar bill. Without waiting for her to get my change I walked back to where my friends are sitting. "Dude what happened, lost already? " he asked me.

"Dude , I'm just getting started." I patted his shoulder, mimicking his tone.

*******A few hours later*************

I recieved a text. I smirked at the unknown number and opened it.

"You forgot your change ;)"

I immediately typed back "must av slipped ma mind, maybe we can meet up n u can giv 2 me ?" She texted back equally fast "Sure, time and place" I smirked and showed Josh the text.

"How'd you do that?" he almost shouted. Josh had been crushing on that girl all week. Pathetic really.

"Well, when I paid her I just happen to also give her my number with a note that said you're cute, I've been noticing you all week but i was too shy to talk to you so please call me." I explained "My dirty car will be waiting for you at home at about five this afternoon" I added before leaving.

"Where are you going?" Josh called.

"I have to go meet up with Felicia, you know how she gets if I'm late" I called over my shoulder and ran to my car.


I am currenly lying on my bed waiting for Jake to arrive, so typical of him to be late! A soft knock on the door startled me. I looked up to see Jake leaning on my door frame.

"Jake you're late again! I have better things to do you know!" I whined to him before he can fully step into my room.

"Like what? Homework?'' he teased.

"No!" I lied. He was right I didn't have anything better to do.

"Come on let's not work on our project today, we should go watch a movie or something" Jake suggested.

"Jake, you always do that! You don't help with me in the project and you dont let me do it either, I have to do it the last minute" I complained.

"But you still always get an A, that's how awesome you are!" he complimented.

"No I am not doing your homework." I stated, folded my arms across my chest.

"Why would you even think that?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Well you always have something nice to say to me when you need my help!"I roll my eyes at his failed attempt.

"Ok you caught me! But seriously I don't know what I'd do without you!" he made a cute puppy dog face "Come lets go out, we haven't had any Jake and Felicia bff time lately!"