"Dude stop staring at her you know you have no chance!" My best friend Josh scolded me. We were sitting in a cafe staring at the hot new waitress.

"Hah! Wanna bet?" I asked him.

"Sure, loser gets to wash the winner's car" He said smirking, as if he knows he's already won. "You're on!" Can't wait to see his face when I beat him.

"Ok but we all tried man, no luck" he said shrugging. "That's because you aren't the master," I smirked "watch and learn bro" I told him and walked off to the cash register counter.

"Hey!" I smiled at the girl. She was hot, with her curly blond hair, rosy red lips and gorgeous blue eyes and what I call a total babe!

"Hi!" she smiled back at me. I quickly ordered a cup of coffee, she handed it to me and I handed her fifty dollar bill. Without waiting for her to get my change I walked back to where my friends are sitting. "Dude what happened, lost already? " he asked me.

"Dude , I'm just getting started." I patted his shoulder, mimicking his tone.


                                              *******A few hours later*************

I recieved a text. I smirked at the unknown number and opened it.

"You forgot your change ;)"

I immediately typed back "must av slipped ma mind, maybe we can meet up n u can giv 2 me ?" She texted back equally fast "Sure, time and place" I smirked and showed Josh the text.

"How'd you do that?" he almost shouted. Josh had been crushing on that girl all week. Pathetic really.

"Well, when I paid her I just happen to also give her my number with a note that said you're cute, I've been noticing you all week but i was too shy to talk to you so please call me." I explained "My dirty car will be waiting for you at home at about five this afternoon" I added before leaving.

"Where are you going?" Josh called.

"I have to go meet up with Felicia, you know how she gets if I'm late" I called over my shoulder and ran to my car.


I am currenly lying on my bed waiting for Jake to arrive, so typical of him to be late! A soft knock on the door startled me. I looked up to see Jake leaning on my door frame.

"Jake you're late again! I have better things to do you know!" I whined to him before he can fully step into my room.

"Like what? Homework?'' he teased.

"No!" I lied. He was right I didn't have anything better to do.

"Come on let's not work on our project today, we should go watch a movie or something" Jake suggested.

"Jake, you always do that! You don't help with me in the project and you dont let me do it either, I have to do it the last minute" I complained.