Chapter 1: Seeing A Girl You Like For The First Time

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Chapter 1: Seeing A Girl You Like For The First Time

Today our topic is on “The first meeting with a girl”. Some of you might find it interesting to delve into our brains to figure out what exactly guys like us think when we see a girl we want to bang- I mean date. So here are the questionsand answers! Enjoy!

Please don't take this too seriously, we don't want any of you ending up like us... single and alone. 


Reece: Alright, ready guys?

Clyde (Manwhore): Where them girls at!

Dean (Blondie): Huh? For what?

Roger (Nerd): Extremely. *Starts singing Born this Way*

Brandon (Badass): I’m always ready except when people want me to be ready, then I’m never ready.

Reece: What is the first thing on your mind when you see a hot girl?

Clyde (Manwhore): A hot girl or a girl I like? There’s a difference.

Dean (Blondie): She’s hot.

Roger(Nerd): Wow Dean, wasn’t that obvious? I agree with Clyde, there is a difference because sometimes I want to hold them like they do in Texas please.

Brandon: Yeah man, if you going to ask questions least make them sound smart. P.S Roger, stop quoting Poker Face.

Reece: Fine! What is the first thing on your mind when you see a girl you want to date? Better?

Clyde (Manwhore): Hmm I wonder if she thinks I’m hot or I’m sexy. It’s really a tough question.

Dean (Blondie): I want to date her.

Roger (Nerd): We should kick Dean out this group, his answers are predictable. My answer is: “Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans, boots with the fur.”

Brandon (Badass): Did someone just fucking quote Get Low? My answer: She looks alright, if she’s interested I’d date her if she’s not who the hell cares?

Reece: Okay Roger, tone down on the lyrics. Anyway, moving on. Do you make the first move?

Clyde (Manwhore): I have to look at her boobs first to decide whether she’s worth my energy.

Dean (Blondie): Well, if she’s not stubborn then I wouldn’t mind!

Roger (Nerd): Most girls are stubborn, Dean.

Brandon (Badass): They’re stubborn when the only thing you humped is your mousepad, Roger.

Reece: Ouch, Burn for Roger! Ten points for Dean who actually answered the question. What exactly is your type?

Clyde (Manwhore): She must have a vagina.

Dean (Blondie): My type is sweet and funn- wait, did someone say vagina? Where? Where!

Roger (Nerd): Huh, where is a vag? Is it a full view or like camel toe? I like a girl with a sense of humor and low to maintain.

Brandon (Badass): Cute, calm and a bit of sexiness. I’m still looking for the vagina sighting.

Reece: Please can the word vagina be refrained during the interview. What’s the minimum age difference you think is socially acceptable.