Louis Tomlinson Imagine Part 1:)

Zayn Malik Breakup

You slammed the door shut in your boyfriend Zayn's face. He opened the door and pushed you to the wall. "Who do you think you are eh? Don't ever shut the damn door in my face again bitch" he growled at you. "Or what Zayn?" You spat. He slapped you around the face. You gasped, he'd never done that before "(Y/N) I'm sorry I didn't..." Zayn was interrupted. "You cheat on me with Rebecca. You call me a bitch and then you slap me. You fucking slapped me Zayn" you screamed at him. You ran upstairs tears streaming down your face and started throwing your possessions around yours and Zayn's bedroom, you knocked your wardrobe over and the first picture of you and Zayn smashed. Zayn ran up to your room and gasped "(Y/N) calm down" he said sternly. "Calm down. Calm fucking down. Zayn you cheated, called me a bitch and fucking hit me and you expect me to be CALM." You growled, he grabbed your hand but you push him away from you "Zayn we are through. We're done. I'm so sick of these arguments and fights I'm tired of you calling me disgraceful names when we fight. Well that's it I can't deal with your god damn shit anymore. Get out of my house and don't come back. You're things will be in a bag and left on the doorstep for you tomorrow night, you come back take the bag and leave" you continued. He nodded slowly and walked downstairs, you heard the front door slam shut. You looked around the bedroom, the broken glass, clothes, pictures and furniture all on the floor broken, you picked the picture of you and Zayn up and broke down in tears. You really did have enough of everything. You couldn't deal with him anymore. You took the picture and left it outside on the doorstep. You went back upstairs and climbed into your bed and cried yourself to sleep trying to free yourself from all the thoughts of Zayn.

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