I wanna do something else

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Masky’s Pov

    I pulled (y/n) onto the bed with me pinning her down by her wrists  

“I want to do something else~” 

 A smirk on my face 

“l-like what?” 

 Her face was clearly red I pulled up my mask enough to show my lips and began kissing down (y/n)’s neck speaking in between my kisses and her faint moans 

“well its simple you’ll hide from me if you evade me for 5 minutes you win and we can play monopoly…but, if I win you must do what I want~”

  As I finished the last word my tongue darted out and licked her neck I heard her gasp and I released her wrists she sat up looking confused 

“I’ll time it hell I’ll even be a fair sport and give you a head start” 

 I said grabbing her hand gently and walking her over to the door and holding it open for her 

“The time start’s…..Now!!!!” 

(y/n)’s pov 

   “the time start’s Now!!!” 

Masky said giving me the head start that he promised I quickly darted down the upstairs hall glancing around for some-where to hide because my options were hide, run, or get possibly raped. 

“I got it!!!! The computer room!!!!” 

  I thought to myself darting for the room hiding under the desk after I had shut the door to the room I heard Masky down the room 

“oh (y/n) come out come out where ever you are” 

 The foot-steps approached the computer room and I held my breath until I heard the foot-steps head down-stairs 


I let out a relived sigh but as soon as I did a familiar blond haired, red eyed, green tunic wearing boy looked at me under the desk


He said and I began shushing him 

“shhh shhhh Ben be quiet you’ll give away where I am!!!” 

 I yell whispered I had been hiding for about three minutes now

“only two more minutes” 

 I thought to myself 

“oh you’re hiding from Masky aren’t you? Be a shame if someone found you” 

 A smart ass smile crossed his face I gasped slightly 

“you wouldn’t dare!!!”

“wanna bet?! Masky!!!HEY MASKY (Y/N)’S IN HERE UP STAIRS!!!” 

“you ass!!!”

“you’re welcome” 

 He said and disappeared into the computer soon Masky’s rushed foot-steps came up stairs and soon he carefully opened the computer room door I held my breath hoping that maybe he’d check another room he walked around and soon his feet stopped in front of the desk he turned around and started walking towards the door suddenly I felt him grab one of my wrists and he pulled me out from under the desk


I let out a scream and he chuckled