2.There is a larger variety of characters. It is a smorgasbord of magical beings!

3.J.K. Rowling is a better writer.

4.It is not a sappy love story.

5.Appeals to boys and girls.

6.Appeals to kids and adults.

7.What scares you more LORD VOLDEMORT or James?

8.Rowling created her own world. Meyer used an already existing one.

9. Hermione is an independent, smart young woman, whereas Bella is a clingy, needy child.

10.Richer plot.

11.The Harry Potter series ended in a more realistic way. What I mean was, there were casualties. Fred died; George got his ear cut off; Dumbledore and Sirius died. Somehow in the Twilight series, Bella ended up with everything she could have wanted - a perfect life.

12.Harry, Ron and Hermione mature as the book progressed. Bella, if possible, became more childish.

13.Meyer’s werewolves are wimps. Fenrir Greyback? He’s got balls!!

14.Twilight is FAR too predictable!

15.Rowling’s characters have believable flaws.

16.There is actually humor in Harry Potter.

17.The characters are not entirely evil or entirely good.

18.There are clues put in the first books that will eventually have a great significance later on.

19.Rowling develops background knowledge for each of her characters.

20.Stephen King has never told J.K. Rowling that she cannot write.

21.Robert Pattinson plays a better character in Harry Potter than Twilight. (He has admitted that he too, does not like Edward.)

22.Rowling does not describe the perfect man to be possessive, abusive, over-protective or stalker-like.

23.Bella gets everything she wants. Harry and his friends must make sacrifices.

24. There are UNICORNS in Harry Potter. Enough said

25.Little details in Harry Potter turn out to be significant later.

26.Do we really need to hear how “beautiful” Edward is?

27.Twilight promotes necrophilia and pedophila 

28.There are no clichés.

29.Quidditch v. Baseball. You decide.

30.There are no annoying love triangles.

31.There are no pedophiles

32.Harry Potter is full of surprises and leaves you clinging to Rowling’s every word.

33.Harry is loyal to his friends. Bella abandons her when she meets “the love of her existence”.

34.Look at the school bullies: Draco Malfoy and Lauren. All Lauren really does is make faces at Bella and rolls her eyes. Draco freaking tries to kill Harry. Winner?  I’m thinking Draco.

35.JK Rowling EXPLAINS everything. Why Snape hated Harry but saved his life whenever he was in trouble. Why Ludo Bagman kept helping Harry. Why Draco turned out to be so insecure... It isn't like that in Twilight. Some things are explained and some things are not. Connect the pieces; please... it makes a story better.