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Drunken (BEN x Jeff)


WARNING! The following story contains language, Yaoi (boyxboy), and a lemon! Viewer discretion is advised! Also, this is my first lemon, be kind.

Jeff had a rough day. You could tell from his blood-stained hoodie down to his dirty shoes. The killer entered the apartment complex, where all his fellow pasta monsters resided, which was in the underealm. He looked around the ground floor, he saw a pink pony walk slowly through the lobby.

"Pinkamena!" Jeff exclaimed. The pink pony turned to him, and he looked at her contently. "Got any cupcakes today?" He asked, the killer's stomach rumbling from a hard day's work.

"Sorry, Jeffy, I don't. Today was rather slow... I didn't get much done." Pinkamena replied. "But I'll have some tomorrow!"

Suddenly, another being stepped through the portal; it was Rainbow Dash. She was covered in blood, head to hoof. She also wore a crimson-stained labcoat, which pretty much told everybody (or everypony) that she had a successful day at work. Pinkamena jumped with excitement when she saw her closest friend.

"Dashie!" she attatched herself to the cyan pony's body.

"GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!" Dash yelled. She took off up the stairs and to her room. Dash was sort of out of character during these days; the ones where she was still aggressive from killing.

Pinkamena chased Dash up the stairs, leaving Jeff to his appetite, and need of relief. He trudged upstairs to his room, where he needed to go to sleep himself, despite the fact that his eyes couldn't close. He opened the door, nobody was around. This as strange because his roommate was usually hanging around. Jeff stripped his shoes and his hoodie, leaving only his pants and the black shirt he wore under the signature outfit. He climbed into bed and stared blankly at the top bunk. He thought of just grabbing his eye mask and going to sleep in his clothes. Just as he was getting ready to hit the hay...

"I'M HOME BIATCHES!" it was Jeff's roommate.

Oh shit, Jeff thought. Ben is drunk again.

"Ben, have you been getting into Slendy's beers again?" Jeff asked, as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Hehe... what m-makes you think that...?" Ben giggled, stumbling as he trudged along.

"C'mon, let's get you to bed." Jeff rolled his eyes.

Ben sometimes came home drunk, only because he had stressful days as well. Jeff, however, didn't drink when stress hit. He felt as if it would only make matters worse. Even if he was a serial killer, he still had morals. Jeff did need some type of relief, which he could never fully grasp what it was he desired. Jeff and Ben were in their late teens, which meant wasn't good for the small ghost to be getting intoxicated like he did. And unfortunately for Slenderman, he sometimes discovered no beers at his apartment when he got there. Jeff got out from his comfy bed and supported his stumbling friend. When he put his arm around Ben, the ghost blushed.

"How many did you drink?" Jeff sighed.

"I'd tell you... but then I'd have to kill you." Ben chuckled.

"Bitch please..." Jeff muttered.

He escorted Ben to the bottom bunk, but, the ghost refused. He managed to get into the top bunk, despite being as drunk as hell, and Jeff assumed his position in his bed, despite still having clothes on. For a while, everything was silent. Only the faint sound of Ben tossing and turning on his bed could be heard. Just as Jeff was getting read to fall asleep...

"BOO!" Ben shouted, poking his head out from the top bunk.

"Dude! What the hell is wrong with you?! You can't scare me!" Jeff hissed, throwing his face mask off to confront the ghost.

Angrily, the killer turned away and faced the wall. He grabbed his face mask again, ready to fall asleep. But, he felt something slip into bed next to him. It didn't take Jeff too much time to tell who it was. He turned around and looked at Ben, who was blushing... again. Jeff glared at the small ghost next to him. Ben's adorable wide eyes stared sweetly at him, giving Jeff that warm sort of feeling you get when a small child looks at you with a smile. Jeff's body relaxed a little under Ben's gentle gaze.

"Okay, you can sleep here." he compromised, as if he and the ghost had an argument earlier about the topic.

There was no point in arguing with Ben, he was too drunk to give up. Jeff turned towards the wall and stared for a few minutes. Suddenly, Jeff felt two arms snake around him. He groaned and angrily shouted,

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