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On a cold frosty night, Angelina Hernandez was listening to the radio. She was listening to the oldies. Then suddenly " This is an emergency broadcast ! Remain inside and lock all doors and turn off all lights. We have received a report of a hooded man spotted on West Ackerman Blvd. ! The man is supposedly a murderer. We will be back on shortly to tell you he is gone. ". The young girl was startled. " That's 2 blocks away......" she thought. She patrolled the house and locked all doors and windows. The radio blared again " He is now on Conner Drive.". "That's my street!" she said. There was a brief tap on the front door. Angelina was silent thinking the murderer would think nobody was home. There was silence. Nothing but chilled air. 7 minutes later she yelled down the hall " Mom Dad you home?". No answer. The radio came on and said " The murderer is out of sight. You are safe now.". Angelina said " Wow what a close one." . There was a knock on the door again. " Who is it ?" she asked. "Your father." the voice said. "Ok come in!". She was glad to hear her father's warming voice. She opened the door. It was her father. "Mom! Oh my God you killed her!" she cried. A head in one hand and a blade in the other. She screamed and her father laughed wickedly in his black hooded coat. Angelina's scream was heard across the world. The knife slid across the jugular and a deep cut formed in the neck. She dropped on her knees headless. The head rolling away. He picked the head up and said " All for one." he said grinning. Thank you for reading! Don't forget the light. This was all made up by me. It may not be all that scary. But it is my first story.

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