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Deal with Mr. Horan


Niall's POV:

"Welcome Back Elena!" Everyone in the shooting room happily shouts.

"It's been a while, Elena." Louis and the other 3 smirked.

Damn, they are still getting on about this.

I don't like her anymore. She's not my type.

Right, maybe I still do like her. But I can change right?


"Thank you for welcoming me like this. You really didn't have to do this, you know?" She shyly thanked.

"Oh, Come on. It's all fine. Especially when our best pal's favourite PA just came back ." Louis grins, looking at me. Elena glared at me for a bit, then quickly tilted her head to the side.

Damn that bright hazel eyes that made me dream all night long.

Oh God, stop being so over dramatic, Niall.

"Okay. So what do I do now, Niall?" She asks, looking directly into my eyes.

Well, she doesn't like me anymore.

No, she never liked me. You're talking bullshit Niall. Bullshit.

"Just get the usual things. Remember? Coffee for 5, Music Sheets, my guitar. And don't forget the capo." I smiled, then laid my back down to my seat as soon as she left.

I sighed. I am so confused.

I feel so, tired and depressed. A girl shouldn't be making me crazy. Damn it.

I face palmed. Elena, Elena, Elena. Why are you doing this to me?

I sat up straight as soon as I heard her heels click nearer and nearer to me.

She handed me my guitar, music sheets and capo.

"I still have to get yours and the boys' coffee." She smiled.

She looks happy.

I watched her go to the cafe room, and saw her grin at Harry. Harry gave her a smirk back and winked at her, making Elena giggle.

Wait, what's happening?

I shook my head, not wanting to think anymore.

Harry and Elena? Oh Lord help me.

I just grabbed my guitar and scrolled down my thoughts on what song to play.

'Hello there, the angel from my nightmare..'

Why is this song playing in my head?

Not in my proper mind, I suddenly put my capo on the first fret, put my fingers to the G chord then strummed.

"Where are you, and I'm so sorry.." I sang while playing the guitar.

"I couldn't sleep, I cannot dream tonight..

I need somebody and always..

This sick strange darkness, comes creeping on haunting every time.." I strummed to the verses and sang with all my heart, grabbing attention with my band members and staff.

"Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head..." I sang.

"I miss you, I miss you.." I continued on. Liam, who also knows the song backed up on singing. Zayn followed on and so did Louis.

Oh, how I love my best pals.

"Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head.." I finished. Liam and Zayn patted my back and with everyone clapping to me.

I smiled at everyone, until I saw Elena.

She's just chatting with Harry. That's normal.

No, that's not chatting. That's flirting.

She's got a cold heart, doesn't she?

The song's for her.

I sighed, and looked at them again.

Why should I feel sad? Harry and Elena look nice together.

"I miss you, I miss you." I whispered the last words of the song.



Elena's POV:

"Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head.." I walked in the room and then saw Niall, strumming and singing with his acoustic guitar.

I forgot that he plays the guitar, and sings likes an angel.

I stopped and watched him sing and play, and listened to every word he says.

"I miss you, I miss you.." He says and I smiled at his words.

'Is this for me?' I thought, giggling like a little girl.

Wait, no it's not. It's for Erica remember?

I frowned and sighed to the thought that he actually like Erica.

Well, Erica is the proper definition of perfect, and Niall likes girls like her.

The song finishes and everyone are clapping.

I smiled, and was going towards him until someone grabbed my arm.

"Miss me?" Harry smirked.

"Yeah, totally. I just saw you a while ago and you were actually winking at me." I grinned. Harry still doesn't give up. I want to tell him that I don't like him.

But he said it's fine, he will wait.

I feel like a bad person right now.

I looked at his green orbs, and halfly smiled.

Why can't he find someone much better than me?

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