Poems With a Message



As she is growing up and making the transition


From a little girl to a more womanly position


There exists an emotion that starts off like a flame


Taking her whole mind body and soul by surprise it remains untamed


She bites her lip when the subject turns to him, she can’t stop thinking of him


While he fills her mind with empty promises and lies, all he wants is to get in


To those cute little Apple Bottom jeans, she doesn’t realize


She’s on the brink of getting used and to him, worthless is her time


Now I’m not gonna lie, she’s all that and a bag of chips


With full lips, full curves, and a set of woman hips


This girl, blessed with a Coca-Cola figure that makes men salivate


Is curious about sex when she can’t even relate


Rationality, the true reality she doesn’t even consider it


As she decides to lie down and spread for a man she thinks she in love with


His manhood begins to rise when he sees the slit between her thighs


Her first time, her virginity, her innocence


God didn’t have a chance to take her mind and rinse it


Clean of immature and sinful thoughts


Its gone, the chance the moment to persuade her to wait


And listen to the morals and lessons she was taught


My ladies, my ladies listen when I say


That man, that boy never loved you


His “feelings” with the wind have gone away


And then you wake up one morning feeling sicker than you’ve ever been


You can’t really explain it all you know is it’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in


You can’t put your finger on it cuz it’s a mystery to you


What’s this? A seed planted inside of you


Meant to fester and manifest for 9 months, you can’t believe its really true


And now the man that said I love you when he was camped up inside of you


Walked away from you standing on the outside of your life


You poor confused young female, come now and hear my plea


Open your ears so you can hear me


Open your heart so you can listen to me


Sex, I know you want it; who in this world doesn’t


But why give it up to a man who cries “I’m in love” when he wasn’t


Sex, the procreation of life is its function


He is lying, sex and love do not form a junction


Persuasion cannot happen without your permission


So why give him that power when its nothing that you’re missing


For some, my message has come a little too late


But if I’m on time, I advise you to wait


Don’t give it up easy, don’t be so sleazy


You are worth waiting for, do believe that please


If only one girl in this world could wake up and realize


She doesn’t have to open wide and take a ride


To get the love that she desires


She can see that feelings come and go like the tide


But love will never go away and never subside


If she will one day see it, then my message was received


She took heed, she will succeed


Refusing to bring life into the world too soon


Refusing to be wild


Refusing to raise a baby when she herself is just a child


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