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A New Life (A Justin Bieber Vampire Love/Hate story)


Chapter 1

"Is there anything else for you, dear?" Slowly, I shook my head, and waited until the bubbly shaped waitress started back towards her station before letting out a sigh.

I looked absolutely horrid, and she could tell.  It looked like from her previous expression, she wanted to ask what had happened or what she could do to personally help.

And who could blame her, I looked like a deformed monster. My hair was long and knotty, my face was red and puffy from crying, and of course, my eyes were the darkest shade of pink ever, water still intact in them.

Emotionlessly, I reached for the white marble mug filled with steady hot chocolate, and brought it to my puffy lips. I wasn't thankful enough for the fact that the diner was practically deserted, only one other person sitting a few booths away from me, scanning through a newspaper.

When I first sat down, the elderly man kept glancing at me with mysterious eyes, like he too thought I was a mess. I should have seen this coming, I thought, more tears threatening to fall. I should have known Edward would choose her over me.

That he would never be able to hide the fact he thought her beautiful and charming, and even fit enough to become his real mate. What a pathetic human I was, thinking that someone like me would ever be good enough for him.

It was close to the end of summer when the Denali Coven came to visit. They wanted to be in touch with their old friends, and secretly wanted to meet my acquaintance. Tanya was the most eager to meet me, it seemed.

She shook my hand, asked my loads of questions, and even invited me to go on a walk with her, which I had declined for reasons I couldn't remember. Perhaps I was too overwhelmed by her fascination for me.

After I had declined the walk, she no longer bothered to get to know me better. From what I saw, she spent most of her time frequently with Edward, my beloved fiancée.

He saw her attention as a small joke, from what he had told me.  He thought she was testing my jealousy, on how much I really loved him and wanted to be with him.

I had laughed, and claimed I loved him and trusted him and Tanya completely, which was true. For a while. As the weeks continued on, it seemed like the Denali Coven was part of our family.

Neither families had been interested in leaving each other, and seemed to be growing close bonds that I could not understand, especially when it came to Edward and Tanya.

They were always talking, whenever I drove myself over to their house, on every subject imaginable. They'd make each other laugh every once in a while, which did spark a bit of jealousy, but not enough of it to cause me to worry about our engagement. However, it did get worse.

After two months with the Denali Coven still there, I'd always be disappointed by Carlisle, who said the two had gone out for a walk or had gone hunting.

Usually I would stay anyway, wait an hour or two before Edward and Tanya returned, speaking or laughing about who knows what. And neither, not even Edward would give me the slightest attention.

By then, I knew something was up. They couldn't just be good friends, there had to be something more than that. And I was right, too. Edward Cullen, my fiancé, had fallen for Tanya in two short months, right from under me.

I confronted him about it, well; he sort of had first, only a week before our wedding, a wedding that the Denali Coven was planning on attending. "Crystal, you have to understand-" "You love her," I had choked out, fresh tears clouding my eyesight.

Edward's lips had pressed together sternly, but he did not deny it. He put a comforting, icy hand on my shoulder and said.

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Justin Bieberas Justin
Crystal Steward (my mate)as Crystal
Taylor Swiftas Victoria

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