Marcel's POV

I was in my room waiting for Katie to come, I'll tell her. I have to, Harry is making me nervous. Every time I'd come to tell her, he comes and listen or interrupted us. I don't know what to do, all I want is to tell her about how Harry's thinking.

"My smart lovely brother, can I come in?" Harry smiled opening the door. What's up with him lately? He gave me a ride, he smiles and don't give me glares. I mean if he was acting, then why would he act when Katie is not around? Maybe he lost his mind? I mean He'll never change. I mean.. Never.

"Sure" I stood up with a confused look. He came closer smiling wide, and he hugged me. Wow, he never hugs me.. I mean when we were young. That's it, he lost his mind. He pulled away and touched my hair.

"Wow, you gotta show me how you make your hair like this, Marcel. I mean we're both curly" He chuckled and I raised my eyebrows. He went to my desk and sat on it.

"I'm so sad, Marcel. Why are you so coward? And why do you hate me so much?" He looked at me like he was hurt and shook his head.

"What? What are you talking about? I don't hate you and I'm not coward." I got angry, I'm not Coward. And I never hurt someone, and I'll never will. He wants to hurt her, to break her heart. I can't let this happen. He stood up and walked towards me, he played with my tie.

"Marcel, why do you want to tell Katie about our little, umm let's call it.. deal or game..oh better. Challenge? You choose, bro!" He smirked. 

'"Because you'll hurt her" 

"No, I won't! How can I hurt her? Plus, Why do you care? Wait.. Is Marcel umm.. have a little crush on Katie?" He gasped and I rolled my eyes.

"No, I care for her cause she's my friend" 

"Well, she's my friend too, Marcel. I have her number, we talked after you left. And soon.. she'll be mine" He winked. Oh god.. he asked her and she said yes. Of course, she's too kind and she'll say yes.

If she's naive, she'll fall for him and his games. But she said she's not and it's true, But why are they, friends? And if she's smart then she'll play with him. God my mind is going to explode.

Why did I have to do this project? It would've been better if I told her yes so she could change partners. I'm the reason for this, It's all my fault. A lot of questions running through my mind.

"What? Surprised?" I smirked, and now he was the one to be confused.

"You know, she's probably just using you, or just being friends with you. Cause she's not like your stupid girls you've dated, and of course she heard a lot of you and your things. So I'm not worried" I smiled and he was so mad. His jaw clenched and his face was turning red from anger.

"Show me what you can do Nerd" And with that.. he walked away. I heard the doorbell rings. I went downstairs and Harry was already at the door, fixing his hair. He smirked at me and then opened the door to reveal my friend, beautiful friend. Or should I say our friend? No, my friend is better.

"Hey Styles, oh and Styles number one on the stairs," She said giggling and Harry gave me a glare. I just smiled proudly that I'm number one. Silly and weird I know.. but the best thing that I saw her first. And I'm number one. Being the first one she talked to in the school is the best thing.

"C'mon, I'm older than him" He whined. She laughed and I rolled my eyes.

"By a minute brother" I decided that I'll go with him with everything he does. Act like him. I smiled at them and went down standing in front of them. She raised her eyebrows at us and she could tell that there was something.