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Real Life BxB (True Story)

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Ok this story is a true story of two boys who are in a Yaoi thing... How do you believe it's real? Well those two Yaoi boys are my brother Drake Ryan Joseph John Mackenzie and Jadrien Bishop.

My brother was a straight boy until he became friends with David but we call him Davi and Davi confess his love... Jadrien never fallen in love before until me meets James! I know this is bad telling you how they fall in love and all but there gonna be Drama! Trust me there is cx so I hope this little Description help loves please enjoy this wonderful soft and hard Yaoi love...



"Mituna... Kiss me again please?" I ask Mituna

"Yes Jadrien..." Said Mituna

Mituna kiss me again we kiss for a while until... James came in the room with the other bag of clothes I have...

"Mituna... Jadrien..." James said in a sad voice...

I saw James spreading tears down his face and make a run for it I ran after James leaving Mituna alone in my room...


"David... Y-you love me?" I ask David

"Yes I do... Drake I love you and I want to show you..." Said David in a soft voice

I felt the lips... The lips of the kiss David gave me. It's felt warm soft and sweet this is the first time ever kissed a boy! I never felt such a great kiss...

"David..." I said his name with a smile from the kiss we are still doing

"Drakey... Please call me Davi" he told me

"Alright Davi..." I said it in a soft voice

Davi moan and bit and we continue kissing it feels so good I'm glad me and Ashley broke up... This is an amazing feeling I never had a kiss like this not even a spark from all of my ex girlfriends...


; Author ;

There's a short story of it sorry I gotta a lot of stories I'm doing and I'm doing a lot of it! Here the stores I'm doing...

Those Red Eyes

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