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You let out a shriek of frustration as you get into the car, wiping away the rain droplets on your forehead. Hitting your palm against the steering wheel, you let out a harsh sigh before starting the engine.

Nothing had gone the way you wanted it to today. First of; school was enough to ruin your whole mood from the start. There had bee whispers in the hall, tons of homework and you had gotten a detention because you had talked back to a girl in your class after she had given you a rude comment.

The detention had held you back and made you late for work. Apparently, your boss hadn’t had the best day either and scowled at you the second you walked through the door. You tried to keep a smile on your face throughout the rest of your work hours, but it was hard with a boss who was constantly complaining, harassing male customers and the thought of all the homework waiting for you when you got home.

Right now, you want nothing more than to be home again; snuggling up on Justin’s chest, under a blanket while he plays with your hair until you eventually fall asleep. But no. Now, to make your day even more annoying, you have been stuck in traffic for almost seven minutes and your patience is slowly running out.

You almost burst out with tears of happiness when you pull up in the familiar driveway. There is light streaming out from the windows and you smile weakly to yourself when you realize that Justin is indeed home.

"Babe, is that you?" Justin calls from the kitchen as he hears the front door being slammed shut. You laugh lightly, shaking your head at him.

"Yes, it’s me." You reply back, not nearly as optimistic as Justin though. You didn’t even want to pretend that you were happy. What was the point anyway?

Dropping your bag with a thud, you take of your shoes and march into the living room. You let out a sigh of pure relief when you let yourself plop down on the couch and you sink into the cushions. It felt so good to finally be home.

You close your eyes and listen carefully to Justin moving around in the kitchen. You’re suddenly feeling really curious about what he’s doing, but you’re too tired to move from your comfortable position to find out. So you sit quietly and wait.

As you sit there in silence - except for the occasional sounds from Justin - the events of the day come flooding back to your mind. You let out a frustrated cry, mad at yourself for even thinking about it now that you’re finally home.

"Here you go, babe." Justin says suddenly as he places a cup of hot chocolate on the table in front of you. You give him a weak, but grateful smile. Leaning forward, you welcome the warmth the cup gives you and sigh softly. You take a sip and instantly feel better.

Justin takes a seat beside you, not saying anything or touching you before you have put the cup back to where he had first placed it. He looks at you questioningly - his orbs gentle - and you let out a quiet giggle, nodding your head - answering his unspoken question. Justin grins and immediately pulls you into his arms.

You smile up at him gratefully just as he looks down at you. He chuckles huskily and places a chaste kiss to your temple.

"Bad day, huh?" Justin mumbles against your skin and you nod, sinking into him.

"You know me so well." You breathe out, leaning up to peck his exposed neck. Justin hums at this and you smile to yourself.

"Well… You are my girlfried after all. It would be pretty weird if I didn’t know you. Besides, I made sure I knew how you behaved after a bad day as soon as we got together because it’s not a good thing to be on your bad side." Justin muses, letting out a laugh.

You scoff, pretendig to be offended and you hit your elbow into his side. He groans, playing along and you giggle again. Justin tightens his grip around your shoulders and pull you closer. You rest your head on his chest, listening to his calming heartbeat.

"I love how you always make my bad days so much better." You whisper after a few minutes of silence.

"It’s my job as your boyfriend to make you happy, no matter what it takes."

With that said, you both just snuggle up together on the couch in total silence. You listen to Justin’s heartbeat while he plays with your hair, twisting it around his finger now and then. You don’t know how long you’ve been lying like that - maybe twenty minutes or maybe even for hours - but you don’t want the moment to end.

You feel so home and welcomed in Justins arms and the best part is that the memories from the completely awful day is long gone, and the only thing you are focusing on is the wonderful feeling of Justin running his fingers through your hair.

Smiling, you let out a content sigh - happy to just finally be home with your boyfriend. You can’t exacly remember when or how, but you fall asleep like that - in Justin’s arms. Not that you mind though.

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