Sakura of the Akatsuki: Flower in the Wind


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13 years old.

Tobi was the new guy in the Akatsuki and life was pretty good.

Sakura walked around the base. She woke up late and she was heading for the dining room. It was dark and she was in for a surpise.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA-CHAN!!!!!!!" The lights turned on an the dining room was full of food and there were gifts in the corner and the Aakatsuki were there.

"Oh geez," Sakura smacked her forehead. "I forgot my birthday." Sakura smiledand she hugged the Akatsuki.

"THANKS!!!!!!" She shouted. She went to the presents and opened them.

Zetsu- Undying flower whip used for battle.

Kakuzu- Credit card from a millionare he killed.

Hidan- A book of cursing (Don't tell Konan.).

Tobi(Obito)- 2 Katana with Akatsuki cloud on the handles and Sakura written on the metal.

Kisame- Dagger named Yukina

Itachi- Genjutsu manual. (With torture.)

Deidara- Detonating clay supply includes C1, C2, C3, C4?!?! and C5??!?!?! (Deidara, are you crazy?!!)

Sasori- Puppet made by him used in battle, Miki.

Konan- Paper hair clip with red and pink flower.

"Sakura, this you'll thank me!" Pain gave her a box. She opened it and her eyes widened. "D-Dad, I'll go to Konoha?!?!" She shouted.

"Yup!" Sakura hugged her dad. "ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!!!!" She shouted at him multiple times.

"You will be leaving today. Don't worry, Konan will be visiting you and we'll be sending letters!" Pain says. Sakura smiled. "Better go packing!"

"Wait, you are also a spy in Konoha. You will also send us information."


Near Konoha

"Sakura, could you do me a favor when you get to Konoha?" Itachi asked. "Sure!"

"I have slaughtered my clan but I spared my younger brother. His name is Sasuke Uchiha and can you protect him for me?" Itachi asked. "Sure Itachi-nii! Bye-Bye!!!" She hugged him before teleporting to Konoha.


"Hello 3rd Hokage. I would like to be a Shinobi in Konoha." Sakura told the Hiruzen. "Very well, you are assigned to be in Team 7. I believe they are in the Training grounds. I will send a message to your new sensei, Kakashi Hatake." Sarutobi says.

'Hatake.... His father killed Sasori's parents....' Sakura thought. "Okay."


Sakura walked into the training grounds and saw 2 boys. A blonde and a guy with a chicken butt hair-do.

"So you are the new kid?" A voice asked from behind Sakura. "I suppose you are Kakashi?" Sakura asked. A man with silver hair appeared. "Yes. I am your sensei. And as your fist assignment is to stop those 2 from killing each other.

"Hai!" Sakura ran to the middle of them as they aimed at each other.

"Almighty Push!" Sakrua shotued and a force pushed them back. They both flew to the ground. They both got up to their feet.

"WOW!!! She's so pretty!" The blonde shotued and pointed at Sakura. The raven haired boy on gave a "Hn."

"Boys, this is your new teammate. Introduce yourselves and say your dreams, goals and etc." Kakashi says.

"Hi! I am Naruto Uzumaki! I love ramen and my goal is to become Hokage!"  The blonde says.

"I am Sasuke Uchiha.... I hate everything. My goal is to-" He was cut off by Sakura. "To kill Itachi Uchiha, your brother?" Sakura asked. Sasuke sat speechless.

"My name is Sakura. I have no last name. I don't know what to like or hate. My goal is to get stronger and make my father and uncle proud of my actions." Sakrua says. "Looks like someone has a real goal." Kakashi says.

"You are all dismissed for the day. You have to get ready for the Chunin Exams." Kakashi says. "Do you need training Sakura?" He asked. "No. I already trained at the age of 5 nonstop." Sakura says. Kakashi blinked.

"Sakura-chan would you like to join us for some ramen?" Naruto asked her. "Sure, Naruto." She smiled.

They walked around the village and saw a kid. "Naruto! Help me!!!" The kid shouted at him as she was chased b a guy with paint on his face.

"Konohamaru!" NAruto ran to Konohamaru with Sakura running after hi to make sure he doesn't get into trouble.

"AA!!" Konohamaru was caught by the guy with paint.

"Let him go!" Naruto shouted. "Whatever weakling!" The Paint boy shouted.

"Kankuro let him go, you are a disgrace to our village." A voice called out from the tree nearby. The figure came down.

"We meet again, Cherry Blossom."















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