Chapter 1: Lost and Found

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Sasori Akasuna and Deidara were walking back to base from a mission. Thye were fine until they heard a noise that sounded like crying.

"Did you hear that, Sasori, un?" Deidara heard the noise coming from the east. "Yeah... So annoying." Sasori began to follow the noise. The noise was coming from the dead tree. There was a basket beneath it.

"What's this, un?" Deidara took the basket. "Man! This is heavy." They heard whimpering from the basket. The basket was big and a person could fit in it. Deidara pulled down the cloth. His eyes widened.

"What is it, Deidara?" Sasori asked. Deidara stared at the basket.

"Give me that!" Sasori snatched the basket and saw a girl, looked like the age of 2 and 10 months old and she was whimpering in her sleep. Sasori just stared at the figure.

"Let's bring her back to base." Deidara says. Sasori couldn't help but nod at his request.

They walked back to base with the sleeping child.


Sasori thought about telling leader and he got the guts to tell him. He looked at the girl. He knocked at the leader's door.

"Come in."

Sasori entered the office. There was Pain, the Akatsuki leader.

"What is it?" He asked. Sasori put the basket in the desk. "Can we keep it?" Sasori asked. Pain removed the cloth and the girl began to open it's eyes. She sat up. She had pink hair and green eyes.

"D-Dad?" She looked at Pain with sadness in her eyes. "I am not your dad." He says. The girl was shaking and she gave an envelope to him.

"M-Mother is dead." She says with sadness. Pain took the letter and read it.

Dear Nagato,

By the time you read this, I am dead. I have been living in streets for now and I had to take care of the child. Please forgive me for leaving her with you. Her birth certificate is in there and there is something I must tell you. This is your child and she has inherited your Rinnegan. She is extremely bright and she has extrodinary power. Don't use her as a weapon. She is a special child and she is a Jinchuuriki. The reason that she was sent away is that, my village was attacked and she was hurt. I had to hide her.

Treat her with care and love. Send my love to her and she is my precious child. Her name is Sakura.

Love, Keiko.

Pain looked at the child who was staring at him.

"Father.... She was attacked by rouge ninja and she died protecting me." Sakura tried not to cry but a tear fell.

 Pain suddenly knew that feeling... Losing someone close to you. He didn't want her to experience that kind of pain. Pain came cloe to her and hugged her.

"I will never leave you. Not even in a thousand years."  Pain says. Sakura smiled. "Father, my mother said that I am capable enough to join the Akatsuki. Can I?" She asked. Pain was suprised that she would ask that.

"How old are you?"


"Well, I will train you first and then you can join."