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Be My BadBoy(Boyxboy)


I stared at myself in the mirror, biting my pale pink lip.
I think i've gotten skinnier. 
My small frame looked back at me in the shiny glass. My stomach howled.. I shut my eyes tight and took the searing pain that came after the cry of hunger.
I wanted to eat, I wanted to be at ease, trust me I do.. It's just i'm so fucked up in the head i just can't!
He messed me up.. He's the one who made me this way..
*Flash back*
"Uncle tom!" I squeaked looking up at him.. He was a large man.. he should be the one starving not me.
He held a piece of buttered toast teasingly over my head.. a good foot above me, no matter how many times, i jumped.. or begged, or screamed.. or cried. I never got the food he made me work for.
Being the 7 year old i was, I wasn't one to just take it when he did this.
My throat would close, my eyes would burn and uncle tom would laugh when i cried.
He got his kicks out of watching me sob at his feet.
The only time i got to eat was at school.. or occasionally at someone Else's house.
this went on for years.. untill finally someone found out, and uncle tom was put in the state penitentiary.
 ever since i've been living with 26 year old danielle Foster, or danni lyn we call her..
she's an amazing woman, beautiful, smart, successful and kind. I couldn't ask for more.. but it's just, Uncle tom drove it in my mind, i wasn't allowed to eat.. when he caught me sneaking food, he'd beat me.
I'm too scared to eat now. It's been years.. but still.. like i said. I'm too fucked up. I'm a fuckup and that's all i'll ever be.
*end of flashback*
I pulled on my red skinny jeans, and slipped my slightly too big for me black and gray skull shirt on.
I always wore shirts a bit too big... it hid how skinny i was.
After messing up my already messy dirty blond hair, staring at my golden amber eyes in the mirror, and pulling on my black socks, i made my way downstairs.
"Morning Alek, you hungry?" Danielle asked, flashing a cheery smile. She was sipping coffee and reading the newspaper at the table.
I shrugged "No not really..actually.."
Her face creased in worry, and she averted her attention from the newspaper. "Are you sure? You barley touched dinner last night.. i was thinking you'd be starving.."
I am starving. That doesnt mean i'll do anything about it..
"Nope. I'm good" I gave her my famous smile. She always tells me how handsome apparently i am, and how i have a heart melting smile. Hah, whatever.. she's nice though.
Danielle sighed shaking her head, glancing down at the newspaper again, "I just don't know what to do with you.."
I grabbed my backpack which was leaned against the fridge and yawned. "Don't do anything about me, just love me"
I smiled again, and she returned her own smile.
I was about to leave for school, when she stopped me.
"Alek listen.. Ya know how i've been talking about maybe adopting another son?"
"Yup!" I called from the bathroom, toothbrush hanging out of my mouth.
"Well.. I picked one out yesterday.. He's coming to live with us, he'll be here later today.."
"WHAT?!" the toothbrush dropped from my mouth, i ran from the bathroom and met her in the hall.
"You're not serious right?! Cuz frankly i'm happy being an only child.."
Danielle laughed and wipped my face, i guess i forgot the toothpaste still on there.
"Danni..." I said slower.
She shrugged, her black ringlets bouncing on her shoulders, She met her airy green eyes with mine.
"I'm serious alek.. just try be nice okay? He'll be sharing your room too..just..really be nice.. He's had a hardlife.."
"I've had a hardlife..." I muttered turning back to the bathroom to clean up sink and get my bag. I can't believe he's staying in my room!! I'm am to say the least. Pissed.
"Alek..." Danni sighed, leaning on her right hip.
"I've gotta go" I said curtly brushing past her in the hall way.
"You're mad.." She groaned. "Don't be mad.. c'mon.."
My skate shoes sat neatly by the door, i shoved my feet into them, rolling my shoulders.
"Whatever Alek.." Danni said frustrated.
I opened the door of and slipped out into the heavily humid air.
I shut the door, okay... more like slammed it..
I just don't want to have

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