Shattered Eyes


My love, I have damned your soul to hell, so now you are mine to keep, struggle not,

You will breathe for me, live for me yet. 

I have killed you my love.  Dark passion's poisinous kiss. 

My lips conceal my secret, so let me smile and show you what you will soon become. 

Oh, how you tempted me, my love. 

Do not hate me for your pain.  You will learn to love it..  I could not help but torture you with what you thought you wanted. 

And when you could take no more, you pleaded with me with shattered eyes.  It was all I could do to make it slow.  Make it hurt, so you would remeber your last human breathe. 

I am gentle my love. 

I will not tear your perfect skin, merely indentations will heal themselves. 

I will hold you close to me, I know how badly you need this corruption.  Your life to mines and back again, what ecstasy can compare?! 

Drink until I am intoxicated and exhasusted, and let us both fall to our knees.

  I feel your shallow breathe on my lips.  And when they touch my love, I leave them stanied with blood. 

It runs down your neck in small rivers, dripping down your chest and shoulders. 

You are dying now my love, I am merely God's messenger of death and life, and you are to join me in hell. 

Shudder as I bite my wrist, and press it to your lips.  Your blood and mine spills over your angel face. 

Drink, I beg of you!

 .You tremble as you comply, those shattered eyes starring up at me. 

My love, you are killing me! 

You want it  now, I know. 

Yet I must pull my wrist away. 

Agony, I warned you, must follow. 

What is human in you is dying, slowly, and setting your beauty in stone. 

I am with you, my love, I am here. 

I am your creator, your savior. 

Come away from the light,it will turn you to ash and dust. 

You live in darkness now. 

Come with me my love, we must sleep now. 

  I will keep you safe, my love. 

Just promise me to never leave me alone.

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