Chapter 1

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(Though terribly annoying and a great disservice to fanfictions everywhere, this may be easier to imagine if you view them based on the scetches by mooke000, all credit goes to her in that aspect. It may contain content that some viewers could find inappropriate, meaning intense homosexual behavior. If you love Regular Show and appreciate the friendship between Mordecai and Rigby, I highly suggest not reading this. Rated X. Anyways, enjoy!)

Rigby fumbled through his pile of clothes, in search of something. The relevance of that object is equal to that of which type of wood was planking the floors, none. It was most probably a game system resembling a "Gameboy", but more old fashioned. Atari? Who knows? He tore down the pile until the trampoline that he used as a bed was in clear view. Groaning, he turned his attention to the closet.

Before he could get up and continue his search, he heard the door open behind him. As expected, it was Mordecai. To his dismay, he was empty handed.

"Man, you couldn't find the game?" Rigby complained as Mordecai, head down, approached him. Rigby tugged at the hair atop his own head with anger and stood up, only to become tangled in the embrace of his friend, Mordecai. He had his face pressed into his companions chest, rising and falling along with his deep breathes. It took him a moment to fully comprehend this situation, and once he did so, he tried to break out of Mordecai's embrace. He couldn't. "Dude, get off of me!" He shouted, to no avail.

"Rigby, c-can we try something?" Mordecai breathed in his ear. Rigby felt his own face get hot. No, he did not want to try anything that didn't involve food or video games. He followed his own good judgment this time and understood that this would not involve anything of interest to him. His struggle became harder and Mordecai pushed him to the floor.

"You can't be serious! What about Margaret?!"

"Shut up, Rigby. Let me just…" He began to pull off Rigby's shirt, despite his flailing arms and constant battle.

"Please, Mordecai. Don't do this. This is wrong." He cried. Mordecai completely removed Rigby's shirt, and, in the next instant, was poking his tongue into Rigby's mouth. This was not happening. It can't be happening. They'd been friends since they were children, now what was going on? Everything was starting to morph, the relationship between them…Rigby pressed his eyes shut and tried to block out every thought he had.

Eventually Mordecai pulled away and Rigby gasped for breath, then started shouting for urgent assistance. Mordecai put his hand over Rigby's mouth, and the attention of the raccoon-like boy's arms became pulling at his friend's wrist. Because of this, Mordecai could focus on removing his pants, which he did a bit sloppily due to having only one hand available. Rigby, now with his pants down to his ankles, kicked violently, adding a bit more challenge in getting him completely bare. To distract him, Mordecai shot him a punch to the gut. He immediately focused on the pain, giving him the opportunity to strip him of clothing in totality. When Rigby regained idea of the situation, he returned to fidgeting, as well as the hand returning over his mouth. Then Mordecai unzipped his fly…

Was this rape?

Wide-eyed Rigby shook his head, but the sight of Mordecai's penis made him dizzy. He felt the room spin and the background begin to blur. Nothing was clear except for- he didn't want to think about it. It was so big though, and it was the only thing he could focus on. How would that thing fit inside of him? He didn't even want it inside of him!

Mordecai's eyes darted from Rigby's face, to his own private parts. Back and forth. He was absolutely positive that Rigby wanted it, less sure that this wouldn't be regrettable though. He shifted himself back, off Rigby's thighs and onto the floor, then proceeded to spread his friend's legs, which had given up, and hold them in the air to grant him easier access to the rectum. Rigby felt himself sigh. This was it.