Well, well, well (in my depressed voice) can’t believe in two weeks I’ll be thirty years old. My senior year in high school I had my entire life plan laid out, written down, and memorized in my brain. By the time I was twenty one I was going to be a graduate from USC and have a bachelor’s degree in business. By the time I was twenty four I was going to have my own entertainment business and a master’s degree in business. By the time I was twenty nine I was going to be married, with two maybe three children. I was blessed to accomplish most of the goals on that list. For a long time being an independent, single business woman wasn’t a problem for me, truth be told I kind of got used to it.

But when my little brother Young Luke fired me and said the things he said about me living my own life. He was right, because I recently just started back dating after six years. I know you’re asking why I’ve waited so long, but when I was twenty four I had my heart broken. The one boy I’d been in love with since my sophomore year of college and was engaged too, I caught him cheating on me with my roommate. I broke it off and I haven’t seen or heard from him or her since. The pain of that incident caused me to shut down go on a man strike. I’ve been on this strike for six years now, my, my how time flies when you’re consistently burying yourself and your problems in your work.

Luke firing me opened my eyes to a harsh and undeniable revelation, which was that I can’t keep using my job, or my family as an excuse anymore. Because I’m missing the best things in life a woman could have, and that is companionship, friendship, romance, love, marriage and children. Although I know it won’t be easy, if I want to get married and have children I have do whatever it takes to make that happen. Hey it’s like that old saying goes sometimes you have to kiss a frog before you finally find your prince. In my case I might have to kiss a couple frogs before I find my prince, but so be it. I’m not settling myself short anymore. I am a beautiful, smart, intelligent, rich, and successful young woman so I know God has someone out there waiting for me. I hate to say this ladies and some of you might not agree, but desperate times…causes for desperate measures.

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