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The Outcast

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A/N: Hey guys! I just have to put a longish note before the chapter. I am sorry for not updating for a while. I have been a little busy and I hurt myself. My hands are all cut up so If there are a lot of spelling mistakes it is of that reason. This chapter will be long. I am hoping. When I wrote it down in my notebook it came to be 10 pages front and back which would add up to 20 pages. This chapter is different than all the others. It is introducing some new P.O.V's and will mainly focus on something other than Andy and Taylor. I hope you enjoy it. I love you guys so much! Now go read!!

Taylor's P.O.V

"Holy mother of baby Jesus' cheese nuts!" Caleb screamed as I jumped on his back. I laughed and hugged his neck.

"Did Caweb get scared?" I said in a baby voice. He turned his head around and glared at me. He then smirked and flipped me.

"Omph.." I grunted as I hit the hard ground. Caleb laughed and Andy appeared out of nowhere.

"Ok, why everytime my girlfriend is near you she is on the ground?" he asked Caleb. He smiled a small smile and ran off. Andy looked down at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Permission to run after him?" he asked.

"Permission granted.. but babe, please don't hurt him."

"No promises." he said and then ran off in the direction Caleb went. I leaned back on my elbows and watched Andy chase Caleb around the field. Both boys were equally tall but with Andy's gazelle legs, he caught up with Caleb. I laughed as Andy picked Caleb up and brought him over to me.

"I caught your friend.." he said breathless. Beads of sweat lined his forehead and dripped down his ivory face. He turned around to let Caleb face me.

"Not to be weird but, your boyfriend has a nice butt.." he said to me. My mouth dropped open and I slapped his arm.

"Caleb! That's just... no... but I have to agree with you, he does have a nice butt.." I heard Andy laugh a little and speak.

"Dude, that is a little weird but I take pride in my butt." he said and wiggled his butt. I laughed and let my head fall to the ground.

"A-andy you are too cute.." I stuttered out. I was to the point where tears were filling my eyes. This made him wiggle his butt again. I laughed harder and Caleb coughed a little.

"Andy... I suggest you please stop doing that infront of my face.." he said. I stiffled a laugh and Andy immediately dropped Caleb. I couldn't hold my laugh anymore. I bust out laughing causing Caleb to laugh and then Andy. Andy fell to the ground clutching his stomach laughing making me laugh harder.

"O-o-ok... I-I'm calm.." I stuttered still laughing a little. The guys calmed down and we took deep breaths all together.

"Why were you laughing anyways?" I asked them. Andy looked up at me and smiled.

"Because your laugh is contagious sweetheart." I blushed a little and looked over at Caleb who was still taking deep breaths.

"Oh... he's right. Your laugh is contagious." I blushed again and looked down.

"Awwww! You're blushing!" Andy and Caleb said together making me blush again. I looked back up and looked at Andy and smiled. He smiled back at me and I sneezed. Wow.. great job Taylor.

"Bless you!" Andy and Caleb said in unison.

"Your sneeze is cute!" Andy beamed. I looked at him and something caught my eye. Behind Andy was Liz, she was holding something in her hands.. wait... is that a camera? That is!

I got up and made my way to where she was, leaving Andy and Caleb confused. Liz widened her eyes and ran.. ugh.. not again! I chased her around like what Andy did to Caleb then tackled her to the ground.

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Chapter 34


Leda Muiras Taylor Ashley Kingston
Emery Lane as Caleb Ban
Elizabeth Gilliesas Liz McCalf
Andrew Biersackas Andy Biersack
Jeremy Fergusonas Jinxx
Ashley Purdyas Ashley Purdy
Christian 'Coma' Moraas CC
Jacob Pittsas Jake Pitts
Devin Oliveras Sam Grant Kingston

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