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From the first time i saw you i loved you "A jinxx from BVB love story"

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<p data-p-id="3afdb394f7b40e69128dabdd8e3a1e68">I groaned as I started to wake up. What is with the loud music so early? I rolled over but instead of staying on the bed I fell right of the top of the bunk landing right on the floor. “Holy mother fucking shit!” I yelled. Jinxx instantly woke up and jumped of the top of his bunk going towards me. “Are you okay Hannah?” he asked worried. “Fine, that fucking hurt” I said sitting up. “I bet that would really hurt, how did you manage to roll over the guarding?” he asked helping me up off the ground. “I have no clue to be honest” I said grabbing my clothes for the day. “I don’t know how the others slept through this” he said. “Well Aubrey is a hard sleeper so I understand why she didn’t wake up.” I said. “By the way why is their loud music playing?” I asked heading to the bathroom. “Jake is driving, go figure” he said. “Well im going to leave you to your privacy as you change” he said. I nodded and smiled and walked in shutting the door. I got in the shower, did my business and got out wrapping myself in a towel. I did my makeup ‘little bit of eyeliner and eye shadow’. I took of my towel and put on Rainbow bra and underwear, Dark green skinny jeans and white tee-shirt that said Feed me and had a cute little monster on it. I blow dried my hair and straitened it. I picked up my things and took it out of the bathroom walking back into where all the bunks are. I put my dirty clothes into a plastic bag so they wouldn’t get mixed up with my clean clothes. I looked over to see everyone still sleeping but Jinxx who went into the bathroom after me and Jake who was driving still. I walked out to the front of the bus where there was a shot gun seat open near Jake. “Hey” I said casually to him. “Hey” he took a little glance at me and then back at the road. “Nice Rainbow bra” he said. I blushed and yelled “Pervert!” He chuckled and said “I was just reading what your shirt said and the color happened to stand out” I laughed at this “Sure, pervert!” He laughed. I must say Jake is very cute but Jinxx is hotter. “Hey dude when you get to a next stop light you can switch with me driving so you can sleep some more” Jinxx said as he walked into the front. “Aww but I liked talking to Hannah” he said. “More like staring at my chest” I mumbled. “Oh by the way Hannah nice bra” Jinxx said smiling at me. I blushed and slapped his shoulder. “See I’m not the only one who thinks so.”  Jake said. Jake stopped at a stop light and got up letting Jinxx sit in the driver’s seat, buckling up. Jinxx turned off the music. “That was too loud for 10 am.” Jinxx said. “Agreed” I said. Jinxx started to drive once the stoplight turned green. We sat there in an awkward silence for a few. Jinxx spoke up “So what’s your favorite color”. “Hmm I must say blood red” I said. “Why blood red?” he asked. “I’ve just always have loved the color, the first time I ever saw blood when I was like 5? I believe I was at my babysitters and I stubbed my toe and it started to bleed all over the place of course it hurt, so I cried a little bit no screaming, then I was like, hehe liquid.When I said that my baby sitter looked at me like I was the devil or I just said “Hey... I'm voldemort.” I said. He chuckled and said “Wow seriously? Also what’s your favorite animal?” Dang he was asking a lot of questions. “Yeah all serious and a tiger Rawr!” I said smiling. He laughed and said “You’re too cute did you know that”. I started to turn a whole bunch of different colors of red. I laughed quietly and said “No I didn’t know that”. It became quiet once again then Jinxx spoke again “What’s your favorite past time?” Damn is this 20 questions or something? Oh well the questions where being asked by the hottest guy ever. “I like to Sing, draw and write in my free time” I replied. “Oh that’s cool” he said smiling. Gah that smile is so cute. I wonder what it would be to kiss those lips of... I shook my head repeatedly. I can’t think that! I bet he doesn’t even like me. No one has really ever liked me before well I’ve dated before but those all turned out with me being cheated on and dumped. I looked down at my knees. I was one to never have luck with that. I pretty much gave up on love but I’ve always loved Jinxx. I’m not a creeperish stalker fan girl! That is Aubrey’s job. It’s

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