chapter 1

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1 month earlier............

I'm starting a new school I'm so glad I can't stop smiling.

"get that damn smile off you face" my mom says slapping me in the face really hard she's abusive and doesn't like me at all

"yes mom" I said. Oh shit I forgot-

"don't call me mom" she says getting up and punching me in the face over and over and throwing me on the floor stomping on me

"you motherfucking FAG!!!" She yelled as she punched and spit on me "YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!"

The reason I don't hit back is because she's a female. As much as I hate her I don't hit females.

She leaves out the house like she always do I lay there crying then I get up and wash up. I tried killing myself before but failed. I hop out the shower and put on some clothes. I am so hungry but I not allowed to eat food unless she says I can so I drink a lot of water from the facute and put it in my hands.

Everyday I pray to god that it will get better but nothing happens hopefully that is soon.

-----------NEXT DAY(first day of school)----------------

I wake up early do my hygiene thing I try to cover bruises as best as I can and drink a bunch of water I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Chresanto August but call me Roc Royal. I'm gay I don't like to talk much, a virgin, 16, never kissed anyone, and never dated

I look at the time and the walk to school takes 30 min so I head out and tell her I'm leaving but she's not here I like it like that. I'm heading to school

----------in school----------

I arrive at the school and I head in and go to the office

me: hi I'm Chresanto I'm new and I need my schedule

lady: oh yes hi here is you locker combination and your schedule

me: thank you

lady: your welcome

I head out and go to my locker and put in the code I take the time to find my classrooms before the bell and I finish I accidently bump into someone

me: I am so sorry

???: it's ok just next time watch where your go(GCO)

at a bad time my tummy starts to growl really loudly and i feel really embarrassed and look down

???: woah you must be really hungry the café is that way

me:i don't have enough money so sorry and again bye

???: wait *grabs my arm* here *hands me $5* I never got your name

me: I can't take your money and I'm Chresanto but call me Roc Royal

???: my name is Jaden and I insist

me: nooooooo I don't want to take your money *walks away*

Jaden: *grabs me* fine were gonna do this the hard way

The next thing I know is Jaden picks me up on his shoulder and walks me to the café and asks

Jaden: are you allergic to milk or anything

me: no

Jaden: good your gonna have pancakes bacon and eggs

me: I'm not even hungry *stomach growls*

Jaden: your tummy say other wise