R5 Dirty imagines





*Your pov*

''Y/N would you like to go to the park?'' Your best friend, Ross asked.

''Now? it's like 2am?'' You asked and paused the movie you two were watching together.

''Well yeah! we will just sneak out. my parents and siblings won notice.'' he smiled.

''Okay fine.'' You said and turned his TV off. You saw him put something in his pocket, but didn't question it. Ross only brought a blanket you could sit on. Ross had always been kinda romantic, so you assumed he would watch the stars with you. You two always does things like that and act like a couple but you're differently not one. You truly like him you just not like that.

Both of you sneaked out of the house without getting caught and headed for the park. When you finally arrived Ross showed you a nice spot under an apple tree. 'how will we watch the stars from here?' you thought. Ross put the blanket down at the grass and laid down. You quick laid down beside him and looked up at the apple tree's branches when you felt him watching you. You turned your head and stared into his brown eyes. Your lips were only inches from each other and Ross took the chance. his lips crashed against yours and he got on top of you still kissing you.

''please kiss back..'' he said and started to kiss your neck. A little moan escaped your lips.

''Ross why are you doing this? I don't like you in that way...''

''I know me neither...'' he said and stopped to kiss your neck. He instead looked you in the eyes and spoke, ''I thought about friends with benefits?''



"Yeah!" You said and grabbed his neck kissing him again. He giggled into the kiss and kicked his shoes off. "Are we going to have sex here?" You asked as you pulled back.

"Ya. If it's okay with you!"

"Okay." You said and pulled your blouse off. Ross bite his lip as you unlocked your bra too and you caught him staring. He pulled his shirt off too and threw it away. He carefully laid you down again and started to suck and lick your breasts. You moaned as your nipples turned as hard as rock. You managed to get your shoes off and Ross started to go further down kissing your stomach until he reached your shorts. He slowly unbuttoned them and pulled them off.

"Wait... Why aren't you wearing any panties?" Ross suddenly said and looked at you.

"Uh um I didn't have any clean." You said and blushed. Ross smirked and buried his face down in your p*ssy. You moaned again as he sucked your clit. He started to f*ck you with his tongue and that's when you had the first orgasm. Your juices got sprayed all over his entire face. 'Oh no I forgot that happens when orgasm, he is so gonna leave!' You thought. He lifted his head still looking at your p*ssy.

"That. Was. AWESOME! Can you do it again!?" He exclaimed licking some of your juices off his face. You started laughing and he climbed on top of you.

"My turn." He said and unbuttoned his shorts pulling them and his boxers down. He put his d*ck into your mouth. You got up on your elbows and started to suck his d*ck. He closed his eyes and started to trust inside your mouth while his moans got louder and louder.

"I-I'm coming." He said. "C-Can I come in your mouth?" He asked with closed eyes leaning his head back. You nodded and he let all his juices out in your mouth at the same second. You swallowed all of it and he pulled him self out of your mouth. He looked down at you with huge grin on his face. He removed him self from you and stood up to pull his pants and boxers off. "Wait, I almost forgot." He said picking his shorts up pulling a condom out of his pocket. 'So that's what he put in his pocket!' You thought. He put the condom on his hard c*ck and got on top of you again.

"Missionary position?"

"Sure." You said as he lowered him self a bit and put his c0ck at your entrance.


"Just f*ck me already!" You exclaimed wanting him more than ever. He chuckled and pulled inside you in one slow trusts and both of you started to move your hips.

"You're so f*cking sexy Y/N." Ross groaned. You buried your fingers in his back. You two went on for a good 10 minutes when Ross spoke:

"Have you ever done the 69?"

"No?" You asked and he stopped. He looked at you smirking.

"Would you like to try it?"


"Oh don't worry about that babe!" Ross said. He pulled him self out of you and got up on his feet. He turned around with one foot on each side of your head. He picked you up by legs, making you scream in surpise. Still standing up, he simply just pulled you up until he reached your back and hold a tight grab around it. "Pull your arms around my back too." He said and you did as told. He c0ck was actually right in front of your face and your pussy right at his mouth. You could feel his tongue tip right at your entrance. You could feel his warm breath right there which almost made you have your second orgasm. You pulled the condom off with your teeth and licked him all over.

"Come on babe spray me in my face with your juices." Ross moaned. You couldn't help but smile. You pulled him all the way inside your mouth moving you head back and forth.

"Hey can two do that in a bedroom instead of here in a public park!?" A man yelled sounding pretty pissed. Both Ross and I stopped staring awkwardly out in the air. Ross fast put me down on the carpet and picked all his clothes up.

"Come! we're out of here!" Ross whispered. I fast picked my clothes up too and Ross took the carpet and we both ran home to Ross' place laughing our butts off.

"We should totally do that again sometime!" Ross said.

"Yeah!" I said.

"Maybe... We could continue in my bedroom..?"

"Oh maybe we could." You said smirking. Ross smirked too and picked up by the bum and you wrapped his legs around your waist pulling him into a kiss. He carried you inside his house both of you still naked and continued at his bedroom.

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