Niall Horan Rough

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You and Niall have been together for about a year. You two live together and right now you are asleep. You wake up by being shaken and someone saying babe babe wake up. You realize it was Niall.

"I'm up! I'm up!" You reply.

"I'm horny!" Niall whimpers.

The way he says it makes you very wet and you kiss him. He gets on top of you and grabs your boob through his tshirt. You moan into the kiss. He tells you to set up so he can tear your shirt off. You are happy to follow his order. He kisses and sucks your nipples until you cant stand it anymore. You moan "Niall please eat me out. Please baby."

"I was wondering how long it would take until you begged for my tongue." He says while laughing.

He parts your legs and you rest them on his back. He licks your slit making you moan his name loudly. He barely puts his tongue inside you and licks. Then he licks and sucks your outer lips and finally your clit. This sends you over the edge and you scream his name as you orgasm. As soon as you come down from your high Niall pulls you off the bed and throws you onto your knees. He rips off his boxers and shoves himself into your mouth. He smacks your ass hard as he fucks your face. You cup his balls as he cums in your mouth. He lifts you up and puts you over his knees for a spanking. He smacks your ass alternating cheeks and strength. You beg him to do it harder but he just gently rubs your ass. He throws you onto the bed you land on your back and he pins your legs on either side of your head and he thrusts into you hard and fast. You moan and scream for him to go faster and deeper and harder. Finally you both cum screaming each other's names. Then you cuddle and fall asleep together.

Well I hope you liked that. ;) <3

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