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Chapter 1

Oi! Come here now! He roared at me I didn’t pay much attention to him he approached me and slapped me across my face I couldn’t breathe because the slap actually connected to my face making it turn red. Do I know the boy? Leave me alone Richard you always seem to harm me I cannot trust you at all first you went and tell everyone that am a virgin and I expected you to keep it quiet because I thought you were different but I guess your not your just like the rest of them waste boys. Chantal why do you always do this why you acting up for yes I said to everyone you’re a virgin wop what’s the big deal, I replied back to him straight away the big deal is that you told everyone I was a virgin and everyone started laughing at me, you were meant to be there for me and your meant to be the one that loves me your meant to be my brother someone I could look up too but yeah I’m a virgin you should be happy because most girls have older brothers and they’re not virgins they’ve beat over 15 mans but does their brother know? No they don’t. The way you treat me, talk to me is like am one of your little hoes well for your information am not am your sister!! . I ran out because I couldn’t stop glaring at him any more he upset me this wasn’t the first time.

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